April 2019

Here is the link to the final E-learning project

The final project is Due May 7th.

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by Samantha Sorrell on April 30, 2019

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Make a pizza representing what your family likes out of paper, cardboard or clay. They need to make a piece for each member of the family. Ask each person what their favorite kind of pizza is and make the pizza with one slice of each of the family members favorite kind. Then write the factions represented. For example. If there are five members in the family and two like pepperoni, one likes sausage, and two like cheese. Pepperoni would be 2/5 sausage 1/5 and cheese 2/5.
Message me on remind with any questions.

Here are the documents that 1st graders in Ms. Lester’s class will need.

Second graders will be expected to complete the first grade activity and then complete this activity. They need to read the story problems and complete the more difficult task of subtracting amounts of money.

AS 300 E-Learning Assignment:

Chapter 2 Lesson 2   Earth and the Moon

Lesson Review – Page 73 Check Point Questions 1-9

Do Not Google any of your answer.

Assignment due Monday, May 6, 2019


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Name: _______________________________ Flight: _________ E- Learning Questions Science, Math, and English Video Review Social Studies 7th Grade Video Alexander the Great Lord of War 7th grade Science 1. Q: Who were Alexander’s descendants believed to have been? 2. Q: What was India’s normal state of affairs? 3. Q: What did Alexander’s horse archers wear for protection? 4. Q: What weapon was once a butcher’s tool now being used for combat? 5. Q: What was the Indian bow made of? 6. Q: The Indian bow was known to penetrate what? 7. Q: What made the Alexanders archers ineffective when it was time for battle? 7th Grade Math 1) In the beginning it was stated how many Greek soldiers there were and they were outnumber 2 to 1. With this information, how many soldiers did their enemies have? 2) What is the ratio of Alexander’s cavalry to the Indian Army? 3) The video stated that Alexander had a cavalry of 4,000. Based upon the ration of your answer to #2, how many did the Indian army have? 7th Grade English Summarize the events of Alexander’s conquest of India, from beginning to end. (Minimum of 3 paragraphs)


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Name: _________________________________ Flight: _________ E- Learning Questions Science, Math, and English Video Review Social Studies 8th Grade Video America – The Story of Us (5/12): Civil War Documentary (2010) 8th grade Science 1. Q: What element was known as a lethal weapon of destruction? 2. Q: What was the final death toll of the war believed to total? 3. Q: What is the previous questions total equal to in modern times? 4. Q: President Lincoln had a hidden weapon during this war, name it. 5. Q: What triggered a revolution in battlefield medicine? 6. Q: What major operation was being mostly used by the doctors of this era? 7. Q: What anesthetic were doctors using to go about medical procedures? 8th Grade Math 1) One of the Army’s grain suppliers decided to raise the price of oats from $4.00 to $5.00 per bushel. The same percentage increase was applied to corn. The old cost of corn was $3.50 per bushel. What is the new cost of corn? 2) A soldier made a 16-mile trip from the fort to an outpost, traveling on horseback at a speed of 8.0 miles/hour. He made the return trip travelling at 4.4 miles/hour. What was his average speed for the entire trip? 3) In one civil war battle 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured. Of those 23,000, 1,700 were killed and 7,800 were wounded. What percent of the soldiers were captured? 4) The Army agreed to buy 100 horses from a horse trader for a total cost of $15,000. The trader offered the Army two options to pay for the horses. They could pay the full amount in cash at delivery, or they could pay $1,200 down at delivery and $635 a month for 24 months on an installment plan. How much more would the Army pay for the horses on the installment plan?

E-learning: Khan Academy

You will be getting additional practice with understanding correlation coefficients and lines of best fit.

These are due by Monday, May 6th.

E-Learning Assignment: Khan Academy

You have been given assignments over solving equations. This is still a topic that will be utilized multiple times throughout your time in math in high school so we need to practice in order to be fully vested in our understanding of how to solve equations. You will have until Monday to complete the assignments. Please be sure you have these completed before then so you can receive the necessary signature for your attendance of the e-learning day.

E-learning Assignment: Khan Academy

You have been given both documents to review and practice questions dealing with the beginning of our next unit…Statistics!

Please be sure that you are completing these before next Monday. We will be beginning our new unit on Friday after our test on Thursday over Exponential/Logarithmic Functions Unit.

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Students will complete the Agenda test that I created along with write about two of the letters of the alphabet given to each student for the incoming 5th grade class. Copies are on Class Dojo.