Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Rough draft due: Tuesday, May 14

Final copy will be due on Friday, May 17. 

The copy that is due on Tuesday will be a rough draft version.  The students will be given a hardback book to transfer the project in for a final copy to keep.  The students may hand write the project or type it out.  The final copy in the hardback book will be hand written and must include pictures or drawings.

Choice 1:

Write a story that contains 60 of the 200 vocabulary words we studied this year.  I am also looking for the correct usage of 20 different prepositions.

  1. You may write one story with all of the words, or split them up into two different stories.
  2. Underline or highlight all of the vocabulary words and the 20 different prepositions
  3. The story must make sense and flow together.
  4. Make sure your story has characters, setting, conflict or problem, and a solution.
  5. Be prepared to include some graphics in your final project.

Choice 2:

Make a dictionary with all 200 words.

  1. Include all 200 words
  2. Must be in alphabetical order
  3. Each word needs a definition
  4. Put the word in a sentence of your own and underline the vocabulary word
  5. Include a picture or two for each page of the dictionary.

(The rough draft does not have to contain the definitions, as long as they have the sheet that includes all of the definitions.  They will be able to copy the definitions from those pages onto their final copy in the hardback book that I provide them.  In other words, the rough draft needs the words in alphabetical order and each word used in an original sentence)

Review for final exam–Bring a calculator and all of your precalc/trig notes to class with you

Be ready to run your game/activity! If no one volunteers, then I will choose at random.

Review for final exam–Bring your computer!

Bring a calculator and all of your geometry notes with you to class

APA Cadets who lost their Mother on Wednesday!

eLearning Projects

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English 10 5/8/19

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Serial – “The Alibi”

The transcript:


Finish listening:


12.6.5. CST = Bonus (due today in class)

Projects due today

Rest of the week: Final Exam Review

Chapter 12 Test

Binders due today

Chapter 12 bonus worksheet due tomorrow

Honors–projects due Friday

World History Honors

  • WWII Notes
  • D-Day

AP Economics

  • Do you think the rich have to much power?
  • Thought Question


  • Labor Union Debate Prep

Ethnic Studies

  • Field Trip


  • Finish Relationship Project

Historical Topics

  • Open the word document and answer the questions.

Monday:  Radioactive decay. Quiz 11.1.4

Tuesday: Fission and Fusion Quiz 11.1.6

Wednesday: Atoms and Quantization. Quiz 11.2.2

Thursday: Relativity Quiz 11.2.4

Friday: Cosmology Quiz 11.3.2