Sunday, May 12, 2019

Monday:  Cosmology Quiz 11.3.2

Tuesday: Lab Radioactivity vs. distance

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Test:

Friday: Review for Semester test (Tuesday)

Monday:  Numerical Analysis Quiz 10.2.3, 10.2.4 10.2.5

Tuesday: Finish quizzes and catch-up

Wednesday: Begin review for semester Test

Thursday: More review

Friday: More Review (Test periods 4&7 Monday, period 8 Wednesday)

Review keys:

Monday:  Female Reproductive System, Ovaries and ducts

Tuesday: External genitals, Oogenesis

Wednesday: Male/Female differences, Uterine cycle, Structure QUIZ

Thursday: Mammary glands, Pregnancy, Embryonic Development

Friday: Begin review for Semester test (Tuesday)

Hello all,

I am feeling much better after having the weekend to rest. This week, we will be doing everything we can to prepare for the final. Here is the final study guide:

We will be doing some games and activities that will help us study. I will take the completed study guide for a grade.

Monday:  Practice for AP Exam

Tuesday: AP Exam

Wednesday: Debriefing

Thursday: Final Topics for Semester Exam

Friday: Practice for Semester Exam