Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Log into compass and take the “2018-2019 Practice Exam.” You will get a grade for this. If you finish early, then you can take any other activity quiz to review for the exam. Please make sure you are using the entire period to review for the final exam.

Luau Parent letter

by Amy Wiles on May 14, 2019

Posted in: 3rd Grade,4th Grade

Dear Parents/Guardians,

               We will be having our annual luau for Delta students on Wednesday, May 22, 2019. We will have a lot of fun playing luau games from 1:00 – 2:20. This is a fun celebration for the students moving on to the next building! We will be supplying all of the games, but would appreciate any donations of the items listed below! If you would like to volunteer to decorate or help during the luau, that would be amazing! Please return this paper, if you are willing to help, by May 17th. Donations should be brought in by May 21st.

Thank you in advance for all of your help and all of your support this year!


The Delta Teachers

Please return the bottom return the bottom portion if you are willing to donate items or volunteer during the luau!

Donations Needed – Please mark how much you are willing to bring

______     Fresh Fruit (sliced or cut)

______    Fresh Vegetables (sliced or cut)

______    dip for vegetables and fruit

______    chips

______    cookies, brownies, or other desserts

______   bottled water (anything left will be used at field day)

______   salsa or guacamole

______   plates

______   silverware

______  napkins

______ I would like to volunteer for the luau.               

______ I would like to help decorate (You would have to be there around 11:30)              

______ I would like to help run the games (You would have to be there around 12:30)

Please write your contact information below so that we can let you know

Name: ______________________              Student’s name: _______________________

Phone number: ____________________Student’s teacher: _______________________

Email: ____________________________

Review Worksheet

You will turn this in tomorrow at the beginning of class

Week of May 13

by Aaron Lucky on May 14, 2019

Posted in: 6th Grade


6A: Read Chapter 12. Class Discussion

6B: Read Chapter 10. Class Discussion

6C: Read Chapter 10. Class Discussion


6A: Read Chapter 13/14.

6B: Read Chapter 11/12.

6C: Read Chapter 11/12


6A: Read Chapter 15/16

6B: Read Chapter 13/14

6C: Read Chapter 13/14


6A: Read Chapter 17. Discussion

6B: Read Chapter 15/16

6C: Read Chapter 15/16


6A: Read Chapter 18: Science Fair

6B: Read Chapter 17. Discussion

6C: Read Chapter 16. Discussion.

English 10 5/14/19

by Brielle Rue on May 14, 2019

Posted in: 10th Grade

Serial – “Route Talk”



Listen here:


Senior Superlatives

by Brielle Rue on May 14, 2019

Posted in: 12th Grade


Assignment: Handout 6-7 SP-1 (1-23) odd.

In class: Notes on 6-7 Roots & Zeros of Polynomial Functions.

Assignment: Handout 12-3 check up (1-18) all.

In class: Review 12-3 for quiz tomorrow.

Geometry Final Exam Review

*Turn this in to the sub/supervising teacher at the end of the period today*

Assignment: Handout Unit 5 Review (2) (1-20) all. Study for test!

In class: Review for test!