US Government/ US History Exam Schedule

by Nathanael Neuendorf on May 15, 2019

Posted in: 11th Grade,12th Grade

Hello all,

There has been some discussion about taking our exams earlier than the scheduled time. While I strongly considered this, I decided against, because there will be people in and out of class the week before exams due to participation in various activities. This means that the exam schedule is as follows:

Monday – 7th period

Tuesday – 2nd and 5th

Wednesday – 3rd, 6th, and 8th

Thursday – 1st

The study guide for both tests has been posted on the blog. I have decided to make the study guide a TAKE HOME QUIZ that will be due Monday at the beginning of class. This will get us some more points before the final. We will be doing various review activities for the rest of the week.

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