Tuesday, May 21, 2019


by Amy Keedy on May 21, 2019

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Tomorrow students may have a uniform exemption day for $1 to raise money for the Verdin family.  Additional donations are encouraged and welcome. Isabella (Bella) is one of my son’s best friends and the family is just devastated by this loss.  I will have flyers for you to send home shortly.  It is attached if you don’t want to wait for mine.  Thanks in advance for helping get the word out to help this family.  I believe the funeral is going to be in Mexico.

Adrian Mozo
Amon Robinson
Antoine Gentry-Wilkinson
Ashley Jeronimo-Padilla
Aubrey Smith
Ava Bundy
Barbara Nkwa
Bryce Negron
Caitlin Calfee
Conner Ring
David German
Dezarae Vanhoosear
Dylan Harris
Eduardo Martinez Padilla
Eli Dilts
Eliza Jessee
Emlyn Vo
Emma Oliver
Esme Garcia
Fabania Rodriguez
Haley Junkersfeld
Hunter Beatty
Imari Lee
Issac Vonholt
J’Vion Chatman
James Hornocker
Jason Settlemyer
Jayden Pullen
Jaylen Jones
Johanna Jones
Joseph Imel
Josh Rodriguez
Joshua Mozo
Josiah Mitchem
Juan Garcia
Julian Tyler
Kasandra Rea Padilla
Kaydin Hutchison
Kevin Garcia Garcia
Kevin Hanshew
Kiana Carter
Klayton Hughes
Korbin Beatty
Lainee Williams
Landen Justice
Lily Coon
Lucas Jackson
Madisyn Shelton
Madlyn Balassone
Malaiah Hatfield
Mar’tavia Cullum
Myleigh Shelton
Nathan Johnson
Nicale Neal
Nicholas Flook
Nik Flook
Romily Perez
Sarah Henson
Sarai Rodriguez
Savanna Peterson
Semaj Embry
Serenity Evans
Skyler Gill
Tameah Eldridge
Taryn Justice
Uriah Petty
Valeria Martinez-Padilla
Vanessa McNeal
Victoria Cox
Wyatt Day
Xavier Nunn

Assignment: Handout Ch. 1-6 Standardized Test (1-17) all. Study for Final Exam!

In class: Review for Final Exam.

Assignment: Handout 12-6 check up (1-19) all. Study for Test!

In class: Review for test!

Assignment: Handout Ch. 1-7 Review (1-40) all. Study for Final Exam.

In class: Review for Final.

Assignment: Handout ECA Assessment (1-35) all. Study for Final Exam!

In class: Review / Take Final Exam.