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by Corey Scott on August 2, 2019

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Physical Education Fall Semester

Teacher: LT. Scott

Requirements for Class:

  • APA Physical Education Uniform     
  • Athletic Shoes
  • Student Handbook for passes
  • Willing Attitude

Course Description: The focus of this course is to teach students the importance of physical activity. Students will examine the importance of muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, stretching, and agility. Students will participate in a variety of sports and how they impact their overall well being. Most importantly students will be expected to increase their physical abilities and participate in physical fitness activities.

Course Objectives: The following are the Indiana State Standards for 8th grade Physical Education. These standards must be met and are not optional. They can be found at http://dc.doe.in.gov/Standards/AcademicStandards/StandardSearch.aspx.

Standard 1: Motor Skills and Movement Patterns: Students demonstrate competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Standard 2: Movement Concepts: Students demonstrate an understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.

Standard 3: Physical Activity: Students participate regularly in physical activity.

Standard 4 Health-Enhancing Physical Fitness: Students achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

Standard 5: Responsible Personal and Social Behavior: Students exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.

Standard 6: Value of Physical Activity: Students value physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction.

Assessment Methods:

  • Students will be assessed using the following methods:
  • Daily participation and conduct 10 pts. Each No Dress overall grade for six weeks will drop one letter grade.  After 4th no dress each grading period, referral will be written.  Writing across the curriculum, once a week with point value varying depending on the assignment. 
  • Letter grade will be based on Anderson Preparatory Academy’s grading scale

Letter Grade                            Percentage

            A                                 90-100%

            B                                 80-89%

            C                                 68-79%

            F                                  Below 67%

Course Content

Every Tuesday introduction to weight room (Bigger Faster Stronger program)

1st Six Weeks:

8/1-8/9             Class Room Rules and Expectations/ P.E. uniforms/Misc. Games

8/12-8/16         Warm-up, Push-up test, Sit-ups test

            Warm-up, Shuttle run test, V-sit reach test

            Warm-up, Mile run, Muscular Strength and Endurance

What is it? What types of activities improve this? Importance of it.

Warm-up, Cardiovascular Endurance: What is it? Ways to improve yours, Importance of it.

8/19-8/30         Warm-up, Softball, Rules, History, and Strategy

Skills: hitting, fielding, throwing,

            Warm-up, skills, Softball

Warm-up, Softball rules review, Strategy,

            Warm-up, Softball

Monday 9/2    Holiday no school

9/3-9/13           Warm-up, Flag football rules, history, strategy, and throwing mechanics

            Warm-up, 9 minute jogging quiz, Review flag football rules

            Warm-up, football throwing, catching, and mechanics

Warm-up Flag-Football game

9/16-9/20         Misc. Games

9/23     6 Weeks Break

9/24-10/4         Warm-up, Soccer rules and skill development

                        Warm-up, Soccer skill development

                        Warm-up, Soccer strategy and skill development

                        Warm-up, Soccer game

10/7-10/11       Misc. Games  

10/14-10/18     Fall Break

10/21-10/25     Warm-up, Archery

10/28-11/8       Warm-up, Volleyball rules and skill development

                        Warm-up, Volleyball skill development

                        Warm-up, Volleyball strategy and skill development

                        Warm-up, Volleyball game

11/11-11/22     Warm-up, Basketball rules and skill development

                        Warm-up, Basketball skill development

                        Warm-up, Basketball strategy and skill development

                        Warm-up, Basketball game

11/25-11/29     Thanksgiving Break

12/2-12/13       Warm-up, Ultimate Frisbee

12/16-12/19     Warm-up, Misc. Game, Final (Pt. Testing)/ Misc. games

*Warm-ups involve stretching, jump rope, fartlek run, and team lines (calisthenics)

Class rules and expectations

            No Gum, No food or drink, except bottled water.

            Come prepared to class with PE uniform and be ready with a willing attitude.

            Bad language is not/will not (be) tolerated.

            Respect yourself, others, equipment, and the teacher at all times.

The following procedures will be taken when a rule is broken:

Step 1: Teacher will discuss the problem behavior with student(s) and talk about solutions  to the problem behavior.  (Discipline should never have to go any further than this step!)

Step 2: Student will receive an in class assignment to correct behavior such as sentences, essay, cleaning assignment, or fitness exercises.

Step 3: Teacher will once again talk to student, and notify parent of student disruption via email, phone call or parent signature slip and student will be given a referral.

Step 4: Student will be referred to administrator for more severe action.

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