Lt. Stanley’s Key points for Parents/Students

by Scott Stanley on August 2, 2019

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Key points for Parents/Students

  1. Contact Information:


phone:  call the school and ask to be connected to my room or dial ext. 4213.

  • I post assignments on the board and blog every day.  If you are absent you can stay caught up by checking the blog each day.  I also keep my gradebook updated daily.  It is very easy to see how you are doing daily in my class.  Do not check grades during class time.  If you think I made a mistake let me know quickly and I will fix it.  You may have to remind me a couple of times, but I will get it fixed.
  • Make sure you are using my drop box to get your assignments.  I post assignments for the entire six weeks in advance so you can copy them to your desktop computer.  You can NOT access the drop box from home!  Students need to copy the assignments so they have all their assignments for that grading period in case they are sick or they can access them without wi-fi.  By copying the folder to their desktops they will have all their assignments for that grading period easily at their disposal.  All E-Learning day assignments will also be posted in that folder as well.
  • I offer tutoring any morning from 7:15 – 7:40 a.m. for students needing extra help.  No appointment is required; however, you will need to arrive before 7:00 a.m. to make sure you can enter the building with me for tutoring.  Access to the building is a problem if you are not let in by me.  I will never go up to my classroom before 7:00 a.m. so you can be sure to get in the building with me.  Otherwise you will have to take your chances on getting into the building after that time.  I can also arrange other times if given appropriate notice for scheduling purposes.
  • Resources for the class
  1.  I will have all my power points used in the classroom posted in my drop box for you to use whenever you want them.  This will also be a great tool to check out if you miss a class.  Just make sure you copy the Units to your desktop computer so you have access to them anytime you want to look at them; however, you may not use them on test.  Written notes you take are always welcomed to be used on quizzes and tests.
    1. You will also have access to the Compass Program which has tutorials over the material I cover in class.  These tutorials may show it slightly different than I do the problem, but if it makes since to you feel free to use their method. 
    1. There are other websites out there that are very useful as well.  See me if you think you need other sites to help you master the material.
    1. Taking notes in class will really benefit you on tests and quizzes, since you may use that material during those times.  I try to do several examples of problems you will be practicing on homework, so that you get a good idea on how to solve those types of problems and master that material before you have to take the test at the end of the Unit.

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