Sunday, August 4, 2019

Hello all,

I enjoyed getting to know a little about all my students the last two days. Now we are going to start building some basic skills that we will use throughout the semester. I know you don’t have your laptops yet, so everything will be done on paper for now. We are going to learn how to analyze historical documents. This is an extremely important skill, not just for history class, but for life after school as well. It is crucial that when we take in a new piece of information, we evaluate the source of that information for context, content, and bias. This will give us a much better understanding of the meaning and significance of the document, as well as help us determine what sources are trustworthy and which should be viewed with skepticism. First, we will practice analyzing a historical document together. Here’s the link:

Once we have a grasp on this skill, students will choose one of six short historical speeches to analyze themselves using this document:

Here are the speeches:

This skill will not only help you analyze historical sources, but any piece of media that you are exposed to. I hope you all had a great weekend and come to school ready to learn!

Hello Lester’s Learners,

I hope that you all had a wonderful first few days of school and a restful weekend. On Friday we read, “How Full is Your Bucket?”.  The story really connected with the children and they made many observations about how their actions can help or hurt.  We are a 7 Habit school, and developing our ability to choose our actions is the first habit: Be Proactive. We will use the 7 Habits in the classroom as an important part of our behavioral monitoring system. On Friday we recognized Caroline as she chose to quickly get her morning work done.  We will continue to recognize students choosing positive Habits that help them grow in self discipline, and keep us focused on positive choices happening in the room.

The workbooks that came home this weekend are to be kept at home. I will send out homework assignments through Remind 101 throughout the year, and you can complete it with your child and then snap a photo of the completed work and send it back to me through the app. I think this will be an awesome and easy way to work together to grow your child’s reading ability.

I also sent home agendas. I believe you need to sign and return page 15 in the agendas. These need to travel home and back each day. In the agendas, your student can write their spelling words, and a note to you if they practiced a Habit that day and were recognized with a positive clip move. It will be a good practice of keeping a calendar and staying organized. 

This week we will learn and practice the procedures in the room and school. We will learn more about each other and things we love. We will learn about nouns and  begin finding nouns in sentences. In math we will practice counting to 120 and noticing patterns on a number chart.

And, We’re OFF!

Ms. Lester