Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Hello all,

We did a good job learning a little about how to analyze historical sources. This is a skill that we will continue developing throughout the class, but I want to move on to learning about the basics of government. What does it mean to be a “country?” What are the different types of government and their characteristics?

We will be using Lesson 1.2 on Apex. While I don’t want to just use Apex for every lesson, I really think this lesson does a great job for explaining the basics. Because we do not have our laptops yet, we will be looking at this lesson together. Depending on how the class does, we might turn it into a little competition!

Hello all,

We did a good job learning how to analyze and evaluate historical sources. Now it is time to get down to some history! We will be studying America before European settlement. This will set the stage for our study of the colonization of America, specifically the areas that now make up the present-day United States. We will be working with a Khan Academy lesson, located here:

Because we don’t have our laptops yet, I will print out the material. We will watch an introductory video, then we will be splitting into groups (I told you we would be doing group work soon!) and researching the different American Indian groups located throughout the present-day US. Each group will be teaching the class what they studied, so be ready!

Box Tops for Education

by Michael Austin on August 7, 2019

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by Michael Austin on August 7, 2019

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A new way of doing business

Please view the link to find out what’s new with our box tops for education program

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We are finishing up our lesson on analyzing historical sources. We are watching this video:

Then we are finishing the analysis of the Revolutionary War newspaper articles from yesterday. On the back of your source document analysis, I want us to list as many reasons as we can think of that this source might be inaccurate.

by Josh Fathauer on August 7, 2019

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Assignment: Handout 6-1 SP-2 (1-23) odd.

In class: Quiz 6-1 (1-10) all.

Assignment: Handout Graphing Method 2 (1-8) all.

In class: Quiz on Graphing Method (1-3) all.

Assignment: Handout Integers (2-30) even.

In class: Quiz on Integers (1-10) all.