Monday, August 12, 2019

I am adding these terms to the list of Key Terms that we have been studying:

We are going to define these new terms, then practice them all on Quizlet. Once we have a good grasp of these terms, we are going to create our own countries. We will pick a combination of types of government to create a fictional country. We will create a flag for our country, as well as a “brochure” giving facts and details about our country. Everyone will be creating their own unique country, and we will combine them into a map. We should use this assignment as an opportunity to be artistic and creative. I would love to be able to hang a few of these from the walls of the classroom permanently!

Hello! We had a great first full week of school! I am so excited to see what this year has in store for us! I will attach my weekly newsletter at the bottom of this blog!


The cadets have homework each week, which is one math page and to study their sight words. They will need to turn the homework page in by Friday! You need to look at your cadet’s agenda each night, as it has the number of Dojo points they got for the day. They will start out with 0 points each day, so they should have a few points by the end of the day. I would like you to sign their agenda each night and you can ask questions if you would like. Please work on helping your cadet know how to write their name!

Sight Words This Week



Letters and Sounds This Week










Please bring in bulk snacks if you can for snack time! Any type of snack is appreciated!


If you have any questions please send me a message on Remind or ClassDojo! You can also email me at


Levi Branden Crusmire II, 15, was a sophomore at Anderson High School, he died last week from blunt force trauma to the head during an ATV accident.  His parents are having trouble with funeral costs.  APA would like to pull together as a family to help this family in our community. 

We will have a student/staff dress down day this week on Thursday.  Levi’s favorite color was green so students/staff can donate at least a $1 to wear to wear green that day.  Students/staff may also wear jeans and tennis shoes if they wish.  Jeans may not sag or have holes.  No flip flops or sandals.

29th street- Wristbands will be sold in the cafeteria before school, front office, and pre academy homerooms. 

22nd street- students pay the teacher.


by Julieanne Reed on August 12, 2019

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Good Afternoon! I hope all of your kiddos are enjoying their Kindergarten experience. The beginning of the school year can be tough on the little ones, especially if they have not ever had any school experience or very little school experience. I am very structured so going from a daycare environment to a school environment can be tricky as well. Don’t get discouraged if your little one isn’t enjoying school just yet! We will get them there!

I’m sure by now you have heard about our class pet, Lucy! She is a rabbit and loves the kiddos. Here is a list of things that we need for her. Your child will recieve hours for community service for the things that you donate if you choose to donate items from my list.

Rabbit Supplies—Everything is purchased from Pet Smart

Food: All Living Things Rabbit Daily diet AND VitaKraft Menu food for Rabbits (she is picky! I mix the two foods together for her)

She loves loofa toys or yogurt drop treats (any flavor)

Salt Licks

Hay: Timothy Hay All Living Things

Bedding: Care Fresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding

GoodBye Odor for small animals (green bottle with a pump at the top)

Thank you ahead of time if you choose to donate items to our classroom pet! 🙂

Have a great night!

Ms. Reed

Week of 8.12.2019 – Lt. Kramer

by Derek Kramer on August 12, 2019

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Information on Reading Logs:

Our homework every week is a reading log. Students are required to read 120 minutes per week and write a 5-sentence summary for each night of reading. They will be given papers to complete these on tomorrow or any other piece of paper can be used.

The following must be included for each entry in the reading log: title of the book, pages read, amount of time read, parent signature, and the 5-sentence summary.

They will also have a spelling and a vocabulary test every week on Friday. It is highly encouraged these at home.

Hopefully by the end of this week, we will have our computers for our class and we’ll get started with their Compass assignments. They have arrived at the school after getting stuck in customs for months and now need to be prepared for the students.

Outside of that, this week’s assignments include a Spelling Packet Unit 3 Lesson 2, Daily Geography Week 1, Greek Mythology stories, Comparing Decimals work. Most of these are due on Friday and if they do not finish them during class, they are expected to take them home to complete.

Please email me or message me on Class Dojo with any questions or concerns.

Miss Doege’s Class 8-12-19

by Angela Doege on August 12, 2019

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Our Spelling words this week are…..

the, of, and, at, that, cat, mat, sat, hat, bat

This Thursday, our school is doing a fundraiser for a student at Anderson High School who passed away in an ATV accident last week. If your child brings in a dollar, they can wear green and are allowed to wear jeans that day as well.

This week, all academy art classes are finishing a unit on the elements of art. Unit projects should be finished and turned in Tuesday (8/13). There will be a short quiz on Friday – Cadets should be ready to define the seven elements and demonstrate examples of each.

Sketchbook 1.1 has been graded, however, I have not posted grades to skyward yet. I am waiting on my rosters to finalize before I begin entering grades (sometime this week).

Sketchbook 2.2’s theme is “STREET” and is due Friday when cadets come to class. The vocab for this week is “LINE QUALITY” and I will define this on Wednesday. Cadets will have class time Wednesday to complete this week’s sketchbook assignment, which will be collected Friday (8/16).

Thursday will be a review day for the quiz on Friday. Have a good week, do your best, and solve problems! 🙂

-Lt. Morrison

This week we are finishing up a unit on the elements of art. Cadets are finishing a unit project, which will be collected on Tuesday 8/13. There will be a short quiz this Friday (8/16) during class. Cadets will need to know the definitions of the seven elements of art, and will need to be able to demonstrate an example of each.

Sketchbook 1.1 has been graded – however, I have not updated skyward yet. I’m waiting for my class rosters to be finalized before entering grades.

Sketchbook 2.2 – this week’s theme is “STREET.” Our vocab word this week is “LINE QUALITY” – we will go over the meaning of line quality in class on Wednesday. Cadets will have time in class Wednesday to complete this week’s sketchbook assignment, which is due Friday 8/16 at the start of class.

Have a great week, do your best, and solve problems! 🙂

Lt. Morrison

English 10/10H Week of 8/12

by Brielle Rue on August 12, 2019

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This week we are beginning our mini unit on Grammar!

Your student should have signed up for Typing Club (my bellwork assignment daily) today as well as Schoology! Schoology is where my vocabulary lessons will be posted each week. It is also where they will quiz on Fridays. This will hopefully streamline the process and make it faster for grades to be posted!

As we move into the week we will discuss/”grade” their grammar diagnostic quiz that was completed last Friday and we will begin with Parts of Speech! 🙂

Newsletter August 12-15

by Courtney Adkins on August 12, 2019

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