Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hello all,

Here is the rubric for our next assignment:

I suggest students use Venngage to create a one page info graphic with all of the required information on it. https://venngage.com/

We will be creating our own countries which will be turned into a map of our fictional world. Based on the geography of your country, piece together our presentations into one big display.

***Keep your countries appropriate. Your government can be totalitarian, but keep your presentations non-violent and in good taste.

Hello all,

Here is the rubric for our current assignment:

We will finish this assignment on Thursday by teaching the class what we have learned from our articles. We will then prepare for a quiz! Guess What? I will be using the key terms and summary points that you created in this assignment to make the quiz, so take this seriously!

AP History – You will be given a homework assignment tomorrow, due Monday. You will research a tribe that resided in the region that you were assigned for the current project. You will write a one page paper, double spaced, in three point format (intro, body, conclusion) that examines how the way of life of your chosen tribe was shaped by their geography. Papers should have standard margins and fonts, 12 point type, and have proper grammar/punctuation. You need to be able to crank these kind of papers out if you want to be successful on blue book tests in college!!! Learn this skill.

Mrs. Sorrell’s Stars

by Samantha Sorrell on August 13, 2019

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Students may only have plain, navy jackets in the classroom (school rule, not mine). Apa navy embroidered sweaters are fine to wear anywhere in the school.
We have started taking our Compass pre tests to see where they will start.

This Week

by Damon Golden on August 13, 2019

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Digital Apps

This week we will be discussing what is Technology? We will also be looking at different forms of technology that were used during primitive times. Next Monday (8-19-19) there will be a essay due. The essay will be a one page typed (SINGLE SPACED font size 12, Times New Roman) response to the question “what is the most important technology to you?”.


This week we will be discussing “why photography?”. I want every student to take time out and find a picture that means a lot to them. It can be a picture that you’ve taken yourself or maybe its a picture that someone else took. Once you have that picture I want each student to prepare an Essay (1 page NOT double spaced) detailing the importance of the picture. If there is a way to get the picture to me digitally either through email or a flash drive I would like to have it, that way I can display it as each student presents to the class.  We will Also get started on some Photoshop work, with creating signature logos that we will use for the duration of the semester.

Web Design

This week we will start our introduction to Photoshop. We will be creating Signature Logos that we will be using throughout the duration of this semester.

Signature Logo Tutorial






  • Shark Tank Project
  • Working with group to develop product idea and business plan

Indiana History

  • Present Short PPT
  • Native Abuse vs Social Development

Ethnic Studies

  • Present Culture Boards
  • Discussion – How has your culture changed?


  • Neuron Notes
  • Neuron Activity (How do neurons work?)
  • HW: Draw and label a neuron. Explain how it works to send messages to and from the brain.

Assignment: Handout 6-2 SP- 2 (2-26) even.

In class: Quiz # 1 (1-5) all.

Assignment: Handout Substitution Method 2 (1-7) all.

In class: Quiz Substitution Method (1-6) all.

Assignment: Handout Fractions (2-24) even.

In class: Quiz on Fractions (1-10) all.