Wednesday, August 14, 2019


  • Working on Shark Tank Project
  • Who is doing what check up?
  • Know your pitch.

Indiana History

  • Essential Questions 1-7 (Pg. 27)
  • Native Americans Cont.

Ethnic Studies

  • Finish Culture Board Presentations
  • Continue Discussion of Culture
  • Why is it important to understand the various cultures around us?
  • In America what are some problems with different cultures? Find Primary Examples to support your reasoning.


  • Present Logos
  • Neuron HW: Draw 2 neurons connecting; label them; and then explain how they work with each other.

Assignment: Handout 6-3 SP-1 (1-21) odd.

In class: Notes on Graphing Polynomial Functions.

Assignment: Handout 7-2 C (4-20) even.

In class: Quiz Substitution Method (1-6) all.

Assignment: Handout Quiz Practice (1-30) all.

In class: Quiz # 1 (1-10) all.