Saturday, August 17, 2019

Hello all,

If you are checking the blog, you will be way ahead of the rest of the class! On Monday, we are having a quiz over the key terms we have been studying. Lists of these terms were posted on the blog last week. We should all have these terms defined already.

We will then be doing Lesson 1.2 on Apex, so MAKE SURE your computers are working and charged before class!

Hello all,

I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend. Here is the study guide for the quiz we will have on Tuesday, 8/20:

After the quiz, we will be moving on the the colonization of North America and the beginning of the American Revolution.

We will finish UNLOCK THE CLASSROOM this week. The students are developing collaboration skills through these challenges. The class is finishing their Compass placement tests to see where to begin learning activities. If your child finished their placement tests they will have a compass score in Math or Language Arts in Skyward. Our grammar focus is NOUNS and we are adding VERBS. We continue to practice the reading strategies Eagle Eye and Lips the Fish.

In math we are continuing to learn about place value. We will practice ten more and ten less from any number.  Math Fact Fluency is another goal that we will be practicing through flash cards. If you ever need to contact me, use the Remind 101 app for urgent issues, or for more detailed information, you can e-mail me:  Thanks for all you do!

Spelling 1st grade, Week 2.

to, in, is, you, can, ran, pan, tan, fan, man

2nd grade Spelling Week 2: more sight words

a, an, but, can, had, he, it, on, or, said, up, we, were, what, when, will, him, been, her, Monday