Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday- Section 1.6.1. Complete 1.6.2 at home.

Tuesday- Recitation 1.5/1.6

Wednesday- Section 1.7. Quiz 1.5 due by midnight.

Thursday- Recitation 1.7

Friday- Test Review

Monday- HW work day (Submit answers on Canvas by 11:59 p.m.)

Tuesday- Test Review

Wednesday- Test Review

Thursday- Unit 1 Test

Friday- Continue Test

Español II/III

by Wendi South on August 19, 2019

Posted in: 10th Grade,11th Grade

Objective: To review verbs- infinitive and conjugated

lunes: crossword puzzle due

Acts. 5 p. 21

Acts. 5 p. 21

Act. 6 p. 21 Objective: Review vocabulary and grammatical structures to talk about daily activities


Act. 2 p. 22

Activity 7 p. 21 Write your own paragraph about your typical day and use Act. 4 as a model


Vocab cards Unit 0 due

Acts. 1 (audio), 2, & 3 p. 23


Tarea: study countries and capitals

Objective: talk about weather and vacations

Las vacaciones p. 24

Acts. 1 (audio) and 2 (partner) p 24

Discussion of gustar Tarea: Act.1 p. 25


Map quiz

Español I

by Wendi South on August 19, 2019

Posted in: 10th Grade,11th Grade,9th Grade

Objective: • Learn classroom expressions • Learn names for common classroom objects


  • Warm-up
  • En la clase de español vocab –
  • Activity 2 & Activity 3 p. 26-27


Act. 4 p. 27 (Write and label the items in the backpack

Act. 5 p. 28 Go over vocabulary and repeat to practice pronunciation

Act. 6 p. 28 fill in the missing words using vocab from Act. 5 p. 28

miercoles: review vocab and game


short quiz over vocab

study countries and capitals


Map quiz

This week! 8/19

by Mallory McCullough on August 19, 2019

Posted in: 5th Grade

This week we are reading The Dancing Bird of Paradise. Up above you will find the study guide as well as the spelling list for the week. We are continuing our theme of heritage.

We started our ELA and Math learning assessments this week. We will continue to study states and start our My math program. We will start with place value this week.

Students signed up with Xtra Math and prodigy!

Week of Aug 19

by Amy Wiles on August 19, 2019

Posted in: 3rd Grade,4th Grade,WINGS Advanced

Here is the link to the newsletter that went home today.

Spelling words:

  • List A                          List B
  • between                   terrible
  • own                            edible
  • base                            incredible
  • country                     visible
  • plant                          possible
  • slip                             invisible
  • lunch                         responsible
  • pond                          tangible
  • front                          lovable
  • thump                       comfortable
  • inches                       noticeable
  • yard                          affordable
  • area                          honorable
  • formula                   adaptable
  • width                        agreeable
  • calculate                  approachable has several games to help study spelling words.  Kids can login using their compass user names and passwords.

English 10/10H Week of 8/19/19

by Brielle Rue on August 19, 2019

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This week we are working through Parts of Speech review and grammar. We will begin Julius Caesar, the play, at the end of this week or the beginning of next week!

Vocabulary Lesson 3 is on Schoology! Due Friday by 11:59pm.

This week we will begin working on our second unit: Color Theory. Each grade level will have a different project, but they will all be dealing in some way with color theory.

Sketchbook 1.3 – “Folktale” due Friday 8/23/19 – this week’s vocab word is “Abstract.”

Today, we started a mini-project which reinforces concepts taught last week and introduces analogous color schemes. We will complete this project in class this week.

We are finishing up playing some Boomwhacker songs! Kindergarteners are working on keeping the beat!