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English 206, Week 6 (9/3-9/6)

by Mary Rasbach on September 2, 2019

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TueI can explore political representation, messianic symbolism, and freedom of flight in literature.In Class: Review chapters 13-15 (Politics, Christ Imagery, Flight Imagery)

Homework: Review chapters 16-17, continue reading book.
WedI can explore how nonsexual passages can carry sexual symbolism to create an argument and how sexual passages comment on writer’s theme.In Class: Review chapters 16-17 (Nonsexual elements carrying sexual subtext and sexual passages as way to comment on writers themes).

Homework: Complete reading 18-21; prepare for quiz.
ThuI can explore how instances of characters becoming wet or immersed in liquid can signal a baptism like rebirth;
I can explore how a geographic setting can carry symbolic expectations.
In Class: Chapters 18-21 Quiz, Review chapters 18 & 19 (Baptism and Geography)

Homework: Review chapters 20 & 21, continue reading book.
FriI can explore how time of year can function as a symbolic augmentation in literature; I can explore how characters who have a disfigurement often are marked as heroes.In Class: Review chapters 20 & 21 (Season and Disfigurement as Greatness Marker)

Homework: Complete reading book. Complete weekly discussion questions.
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TueI can review expectations for annotating guidelines and discuss “A Supreme Sotomayor” for comprehension.In Class: Compare and contrast annotations, hold discussion on “A Supreme Sotomayor”. Review discussion findings. Discuss aspects of writing students appreciated and seek to emulate.
Homework: None
Wed I can read and annotate Jhumpa Lahiri’s essay “Rice,” specifically focusing on how she uses description. In Class: Read and annotate “Rice.” Complete reading comprehension activity.
Homework: Complete reading, annotating, and comprehension activity if not done in class.
ThuI can discuss Lahiri’s essay for comprehension, structure, and style.In Class: Discuss Rice for comprehension, structure, and style. Focus specifically on how Lahiri uses and creates description.
Homework: None
FriI can explore description through my writing journal and a short descriptive essay.In Class: Writing time for journal and short essay.

Homework: Complete journal and short essay before Tuesday’s class.

English 12, Week 6 (9/3-9/6)

by Mary Rasbach on September 2, 2019

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Every Thursday, Vocab Lesson is due.
Every Friday, Vocab Quiz at start of period.

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TueI can describe the history of how Beowulf changed from the 5th to the 21st centuries and explore the impact translation has on tone and meaning.In Class: Review history of Beowulf, explore earliest copy and its limits; begin Activity 2.01.
Homework: Complete Activity 2.01 if not finished in class.
WedI can examine the impact of the narrator’s omniscient point of view and begin to appreciate Viking humor.In Class: Read the section where Grendel attacks Heorot, test for reading comprehension, define omniscience and understatement, explore instances of omniscience and understatment in Beowulf
Homework: Complete Activity 2.02 if not finished in class.
ThuI can describe Beowulf’s self-characterization and explain the qualities that he and others think may make him a hero.In Class: Review the section where Beowulf introduces himself and secures the job of killing Grendel. Create groups, split the reading section into 3-4 pieces, each group member reviews assigned section to find “monster killing qualities” and group develops resume for Beowulf. Create similar resume for Grendel from previous reading. Debate similarities and differences between resumes.
Homework: Complete Activity 2.03 if not finished in class.
FriI can define, identify, and create caesura, alliteration, and kenning.In Class: Complete vocab quiz, watch section of Beowulf film where Beowulf kills Grendel, discuss film, lecture on caesura, alliteration, and kennings. Identify any caesura, alliteration, kennings (and other figurative language) in Heaney’s translation, lines 703-735. Listen to Benjamin Bagby’s performance of the Old English. Debate which you find more poetic.
Homework: Complete Activities 2.04 if not finished in class.

Hello all,

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. This Tuesday, we will be working on Sutori to create our timelines. I will have a list and assign everyone an event to add to the group timeline. We will spend the rest of the week learning about the Revolutionary War.

Hello all,

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. We are now going to turn our focus to the Constitution. We start by talking about Article 1 of the Constitution. We will use Sutori to create a timeline to help us study. We will create this together in class.

Here is a copy of the Constitution:

Week of 9/2 – 9/6

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Keep bringing in the food items and money for the food drive (until Friday)! We are currently in 1st place with classes coming in hot behind us. Awesome job everyone!!!

Monday: Labor  Day – No school.

Tuesday:  2.3.3 Machines. Assign Quiz 2.3.4

Wednesday:  2.3.5 Energy Sustainability.  Assign Quiz 2.3.6

Thursday:  2.4.2 Experiments.  Assign Quiz 2.43.2

Friday:  Explore: Perpetual Motion.  Assign worksheet.

Monday:  Labor Day – No school.

Tuesday:  Notes o Cell Diversity (Handout study guides)

Wednesday: Notes on Plasma Membrane transportation. Passive and Active.

Thursday:  Finish active transport. Cell cycle.

Friday:  Protein synthesis.

Monday: Labor Day – No School

Tuesday: Linear System Word problems  Assign worksheet.

Wednesday: Check WS.   Linear Programing.  Asign worksheet.

Thursday: Check HW  Assign Quiz 2.5.3

Friday:  Check HW.  Quiz on linear functions,

Calculus: 9/2/19

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Monday:  Labor day – No school

Tuesday: Check H p. 126  Practice problems in class

Wednesday: Quiz 2.3

Thursday:  2.4 notes- chain rule

Friday:  Finish notes p, 137/  1-29 odd, 33, 43 ,45-53 odd, 5.7