Saturday, September 7, 2019

We continue to work with NOUNS, VERBS, and ADJECTIVES. We heard the story about Flat Stanley last week and will read Flat Stanley, Flat Again! this week. This book helps us learn about cause and effect and mailing letters. We learned about children around the world this week, and wrote letters to Szymon in Poland. He is the brother of my Foreign exchange student Karolina.

Karolina and Szymon as she prepares to leave for USA
Karolina arriving in Indianapolis

1st Spelling: week 5, the -it word family

pit, sit, hit, bit, fit, kit, lit, with, his, they

          We will begin testing for mastery of place value and we will continue to work with tens and ones.  The e-learning day projects are on display outside our classroom and turned out wonderfully.

          We finished in 4th place for the food drive. We didn’t win a pizza party, but I am SO PROUD of all of you for donating to this worthy cause.

2nd grade Spelling Week 5 : sight words and long vowel sounds

The first page of our spelling morning work will focus on writing complete sentences. Practicing this important skill will help us write better friendly letters. Please continue to stress the importance of completing morning work in Math (red folder) and Spelling (yellow folder) EVERY MORNING before 8:30. If the red or yellow folder ever comes home, please make sure that your child returns it to school EVERY DAY. It is an important part of our classroom routine, organization procedures, and accountability expectations.

Second graders will continue to be challenged to write letters with headings, dates, several sentences, and a closing. We will begin testing for mastery of place value and understanding of Hundreds, Tens, and Ones.

We continue to think about how to be respectful and kind to others in the classroom. We have created a picture and sentence about how to fill someone’s bucket, and will use that thought process with friendly letters.

If you ever need to contact me, use the Remind 101 app for urgent issues.  For more detailed information, you can e-mail me:  Thanks for all you do!