Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Miss Hiller’s Class

by Alex Hiller on October 1, 2019

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Week of 9/30-10/4/19

Here is the link to our class photo album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6azewD2igSjyQMxS6

Here is the newsletter and spelling words for this week:

Here is the E-Learning Day packet which is due back by October 8th. The computer lab at school will be open tomorrow from 1:30-3:00 pm.

We are almost ready for all of our Veteran’s Day artwork to be done and to begin the display. Please look forward to the announcement of when our program will be so that you can come and honor the Veteran’s on this special day. The art displays of all grade levels will be posted near the front of the school.

We are still in need of multi-colored yarn, Elmer’s glue, disinfectant wipes, and Kleenex for the artroom.

Please come in and see the wonderful mosaics in different styles and drawings the students have done for fall.

This is a little preview.

This week Cadets will be learning about The Mole concept. Their E Learning day assignment is the AQ Quiz Counting Atoms in the compass folder How Many How Much.

The e-learning assignment will be to get additional practice with computation of decimals and fractions and solving one-step inequalities on Khan Academy. These questions will need to be completed by Friday.

If you have questions, I will be available through e-mail throughout our e-learning day. If you need additional help, please utilize the resources on Khan Academy’s website as well.

The e-learning assignment will be to complete the checkup and quizzes for 3.6. These will include:

  • 3.6.2
  • 3.6.3
  • 3.6.4

Please be sure to go through the lesson which will have information involving the discriminant value which will be questions within both the assignment and one of the quizzes. These will need to be completed by Friday.

This e-learning assignment will be completed on Khan Academy. Students will be getting additional practice with factoring the following types of quadratic equations:

  • x^2+bx+c
  • ax^2+bx+c where a does not equal 0
  • Difference of Squares
  • Perfect Square Trinomials

These are to be completed by Friday.

The e-learning assignment will be to complete a vocabulary list for the following terms for unit 4 in Apex:

  • rate of change
  • rise
  • run
  • slope
  • y-axis
  • y-intercept
  • slope-intercept equation
  • point-slope equation
  • parallel
  • perpendicular
  • half plane
  • xy-plane

These are to be completed and submitted by Friday.

For your assignment regarding E-Learning on 10-2-19, look under Lt. John Hayden’s blog. He has the documents and videos posted for the assignment to be completed.

Students may use their notes for the attached quiz.