Monday, November 4, 2019

Week of Nov 4

by Amy Wiles on November 4, 2019

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Here is the link to the newsletter for this week.

Don’t forget about Book fair dress up days!

Monday: Red, white, and blue

Tuesday: Favorite book or movie character

Wednesday: Crazy hair / hat day

Thursday: Favorite sport day

Friday: Extreme APA spirit

Mrs. Sorrell’s Stars

by Samantha Sorrell on November 4, 2019

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Newsletter for the week!

Tuesday night 6:00 – 7:30 Book Bash

Thursday morning 8:00- 9:30 am Grandparents breakfast and book fair.

Dress up days
Monday: Red White and Blue
Tuesday: Character Day
Wednesday: Hat/Crazy
Thursday: Sports Day
Friday: Extreme Spirit Wear Day!

Miss Doege’s Class 11-4-19

by Angela Doege on November 4, 2019

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This week is very busy! We have the book fair going on and with that comes the Book Bash on Tuesday night from 6 to 7:30 and then a grandparent/special persons day on Thursday morning for breakfast in the classroom and a trip to the book fair.

I have attached the book fair and family event information so that you can read all about what is going on at APA this week. I have also attached our newsletter and spelling words.

Capt. Owens

by Robin Owens on November 4, 2019

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November 4, 2019   

Thank you for the PUMPKINS!!!!


This week second graders will finish their 5 paragraph research paper on BATS! We will finish carving our pumpkins that you donated to our class, and now that the weather is cooperating, we can drop a few off the roof!

We will begin our unit on Fairy Tales with story sequence and comparing and contrasting story versions.

First graders will be learning about phonics blends at the beginning and end of words, synonyms and antonyms, and writing complete sentences with punctuation. We will also be learning about ten frames and adding within twenty.

If you ever need to contact me, use the Remind 101 app for urgent issues.  For more detailed information, you can e-mail me:  Thanks for all you do!                       

2nd Grade Spelling Week 12: 2 syllable words with V/V word pattern (both vowels keep their own sound)

lion poem radio riot create
cereal dial giant diary area
liar idea diet quiet science
trial rodeo ruin fuel usual


by Ryan Fathauer on November 4, 2019

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Book Fair Information

by Betty VanAlstyne on November 4, 2019

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Survey for Days Off

by Betty VanAlstyne on November 4, 2019

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Monday-Wednesday-Friday SAB

Tuesday- monologue presentations

Thursday-unit 9


by Damon Golden on November 4, 2019

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We are now finished with excel for the most part and we will be moving to a few other applications within the windows OS. This week we will start by having some fun in Microsoft word. The band is planning their annual Christmas party, we have been tasked with developing a flyer for their event. Here are the details for the event :

The band concert is Dec. 12th at 6pm for the Pre-Academy (5th/6th grade band and 7th/8th grade band) and 7:30pm for the Academy Advanced Concert Band and Jazz Band . The event title is “Winter Concert”

Your rough draft of this flyer is due Wednesday 11-6-19 and the final draft is due Friday 11-8-19


You guys will have to complete the same assignment as Digital Apps listed above, but you will be using Photoshop instead of Word.


This week we will be creating sports banners for the Senior Girls Basketball Team. Use this link to first download the photos from the shoot, edit them in lightroom and finish designing the banner in photoshop. Here is the link you will need to access both the photoshop template and the photos.

LE 100 Lt Col Smith

by Obadiah Smith on November 4, 2019

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Monday, Nov 4, 2019

AS 100 Textbook Chapter 1 Lesson 4 Page 58

Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019

AS 100 Quick Write page 58

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019

AS 100 Vocabulary Words Page 59

Thursday, Nov 7, 2019

Uniform Inspection: Any approved AFJROTC Blue Uniform. NO PT Uniforms.

Long Sleeved Shirt/Blouse Requires A Tie/Tab

All Classes Friday, Nov 8, 2019

PT Large Gym