Tuesday, November 5, 2019

We have had a wonderful time with our fall art work and some of it is coming home. However, some of it is staying in their portfolios here at school for the art show here in December.

We still have specific needs of multi-colored yarn, Elmer’s runny glue, zip-loc baggies both quart and gallon.

Kindergarten has been working on their Indian blankets, an understanding of thick and thin lines and cutting skills. I have done a Native American blanket dance and brought several of my Elder’s traditional rattles to share my story. (sorry the pic is side ways)

1st grade has been working on an abstract wax resistance piece. They are beautiful!!

2nd grade has been planning out radial designs and completing them.

3rd and 4th grade have been gathering, remaking, mixing old with new clay to begin to make a seed pot. I’ve been teaching them the ways the Elders from the reservation have taught me.

I am so blessed to have my knowledge, skill, and interactions daily in teaching with your children.

Week of November 4th

by Aaron Lucky on November 5, 2019

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Monday: Compass Workday.

Tuesday: Compass Workday.

Wednesday: 8 Parts of Speech. Compass

Thursday: Mood, Tone, Style. Grammar Point 8. Kahoot Review. 8 Parts of Speech.

Friday: Kahoot Review. Short Quiz. 8 Parts of Speech Jeopardy

Please e-mail me your finished product as a JPG. Tutorial begins around the 4 minute mark if you want to skip the intro. 🙂

Hello all,

Today is election day, and my classes are doing some research on Anderson’s mayoral race. I assigned everyone a number 1-3.


Do some research and find the following information:

  1. Personal info (previous job experience, other info)
  2. What is their platform (politics and policies)?
  3. News stories involving the candidates (tell me what they are about)
  4. Include links to all sources.

Today’s assignment is to watch the Ted talk below and write a paragraph about how that relates to the film “Game Changers” that we watched in class.

7th Grade Art

by Zach Morrison on November 5, 2019

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Use this link to access the scholastic art magazine online. The class password is “haveaday2019”



Indiana History

  • What is basketball’s impact on Indiana?
  • Find some aspect of basketball that influenced Indiana?
  • How has it shaped Indiana?

Ethnic Studies

  • Issues of Race
  • Main Points of Struggle
  • Is the world worse today or better than in the past?


  • Emotions Notes
  • Emotions – Autonomic Nervous System Arousal