Sunday, March 8, 2020

US Government 3/9/20

by Nathanael Neuendorf on March 8, 2020

Posted in: 12th Grade

Hello all,

We are finishing up our Constitutional Convention over the next couple days. I will let you know when we can dress up for the signing ceremony. We will have a vote to select our James Madison award winner and take pictures signing our constitution. The final assignment for the convention is as follows:

Cover page with name, class, period, date

Two page paper, double spaced, 12 pt. font, normal margins and font

Emailed to me ( in a Word document

Answer the following questions:

  • What State did you have and what were its characteristics (small/large, slave/free, etc.)?
  • What were your objectives? Which objectives did you accomplish? Which were hard, which were easy?
  • What kind of compromises did you have to make?
  • What do you think of the government you have created? Look at the Constitution document and give specifics
  • How can I make the game better? (be brutally honest, to a point!)

Hello all,

We are through WWI and moving into the Interwar Years, the period between the World Wars. This will set up our study of WWII. This is a great article about the Interwar Years, check it out:

This document outlines what we will be learning in this section:

We will start off by studying the Roaring 20’s. Here is an article:

1st Sp: long A, CVCe: game page race tape name shake take animal tame came                  

We had 100% participation in our Bottle Buddy project. They turned out amazing. Other classes are continuing to add to the collaborative and interactive timeline and it will remain in the hallway until 3/20/20. I hope that all parents will be able to come tour the hallway. A HUGE thank you goes out to the Hunt family for giving a timeline popcorn and fresh fruit party to our class.

For math this week, we will continue comparing addition strategies to subtraction strategies and see how they can be applied and used.  2nd grade will practice using subtraction strategies and place value understanding to perform double digit subtraction.  We will use open number lines and hundreds, tens, and ones to model subtraction. These visual representations will help students understand better what is happening numerically when we begin using equations.

Friday the 13th we are having spring pictures. Students may wear “church” clothes and are NOT required to be in uniform for these pictures. However, students will only have their pictures taken if parents have ORDERED pictures. Please send in a completed order form or reciept from an online purchase so that I know who to send to get their pictures.

2nd Grade Spelling: -ee, -ea

deep dream feeling team sleep
easy leap clean need sheet
queen leave treat cheap steep
many sing sit upon us

Monday: Section 10.2

Tuesday: 10.2 Recitation

Wednesday: Section 10.3

Thursday: 10.3 Recitation

Friday: Pi Day Celebration

Monday: Presentations

Tuesday: Presentations

Wednesday: Review/IXL Work Day

Thursday: Unit 9 Test

Friday: Pi Day Celebration

Arrival Time: 4:30pm in the Hangar gym

Performance Time: 5pm

Dress: Daily uniform

Students will perform opposite the Pre-Academy choirs from 5-5:45pm. This is a required performance that will receive a grade.

Any parents that would be available to help with the performance (helping move students from the performance spot to the bleachers and watching the non performing group while the other is performing) would be greatly appreciated!