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AP Economics

  • We have been starting to talk about surplus and shortages in class. I want you to do the following:
  • define each of them
  • Find and explain an real world example of each of them. Explain what event or phenomenon led to this shortage and surplus.

Ethnic Studies

  • Answer in paragraph format. What is the difference between a civil liberty and a civil right? Provide several examples of both. What are some problems that come from these ideals?

Historical Topics

  • Work on music project
  • 5-10 for each decade


  • Finish Shifting Supply and Demand Equilibrium


  • What is your oldest memory?
  • Why do you think you remember those memory?
  • Research: at what age do humans begin remembering information?

Here is the link to the newsletter that went home today. Spelling words are included in the link

Here is the link to the E-learning assignment for Tuesday and Wednesday

Here is the link to the mystery science videos:

Day 1 Mystery Science link:

Day 2 Mystery Science link:

Spelling city:



Mrs. McCullough ELA Lab 7th and 8th grade

Read an Article of their choice in each scholastic magazines.

Students need to write a 7-10 sentence paragraph summarizing the article.

Scholastic digital Action magazine-classroom code happydip4

or http://LTI authentication.

Hello Families,

Go ahead and complete the spelling and math morning packets, and the supplementary math papers that cover what we are learning this week. We will have our spelling test Monday. Have your student log into Prodigy for extra math practice after completing Compass. Kids should know their logins, but text me on Remind 101 if they cannot remember, and I will look them up .

Please help your child complete the papers about Electric Eels and Octopuses, remember they will need your support to complete these activities. I have assigned some reading in your child’s RAZ Kids ASSIGNMENTS space dome. When you log into this link, you will enter apaalpha as the teacher name. Your child will click on the icon with their name, and then click into their account (fish). We are focusing on MAIN IDEA and beginning to study the lunar cycle.

Students should log into Compass each day: I have heard that there has been some struggle to get kids to stay on the computers for an hour, so I think we should change it up and look at student’s completed assignments in the PORTFOLIOS. Please have the kids complete 5 activities in math and 5 activities in Language Arts each day. Please break up the work in to reasonable time chunks of 25 or 30 minutes. If the activities have a grade with a percentage, it must be 80% or higher to count as completed work. You must use Internet Explorer for Compass to function correctly and preferably a computer, not a handheld device. Each student knows their user name and password. Make sure that the third box says apa, NOT ODYSSEY. Please contact me through Remind 101 if you have any trouble.

I’ve asked the kids to show me their portfolios before I let them log into Prodigy. Make sure that they have at least 5 activities completed and are scoring 80% or better for each subject. They have all clicked their portfolios at school, they know how to do that. Don’t let them pretend that they don’t. Hold them accountable to complete their work and help them make amazing growth even when we aren’t at school.

On Monday I will collect:

  • Math and Spelling packets.
  • Eels and Octopuses.
  • math packets /papers

Over the weekend I will be checking:

  • Compass completion.
  • Raz Kids Assignment completion. (Moon assignment)
  • Prodigy progress

PLEASE contact me with Remind 101 if your child is struggling to log into Raz Kids, Compass, or Prodigy.

Have fun, stay well, and tell the kids I miss them.

For this assignment, please consult the appropriate Band.

For this assignment choose a song that you enjoy. Write a paragraph that 1) identifies the song and artist and 2) explains what it is about the song that makes it enjoyable to you.

This assignment should be submitted BY EMAIL no later than Monday, March 16. I will NOT accept handwritten submissions.

Band E Learning Assignment for 5th-12th Grade for Tuesday, March 10th 

Directions-Click on the appropriate link for your instrument and write down the important steps for cleaning/maintaining your instrument.  It must contain at least 4 sentences. The paper must have your first and last name on it and a parent signature.  

How to clean a flute

How to clean a clarinet

How to clean a saxophone

How to clean a French horn 

How to clean a trumpet

How to clean a trombone

How to clean a baritone

How to clean a tuba 

Percussion Keyboard Maintenance

How clean and do maintenance on a bass

E-Learning 3/10-3/11

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Spelling Week 27

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Challenge Words: immune, compose