Tuesday, March 10, 2020

AP Economics

  • Explain, using examples, how shortages and surpluses play a role in a free market system of the economy. Remember to think about the buyer and seller interaction, and how this influences how we use our resources.

Ethnic Studies

  • Finish your timeline project
  • Email me portions of your project

Historical Topics

  • Continue creating music through the decades PowerPoint
  • This is due on Monday



  • Should eyewitness testimony be enough to convict someone of a crime?
  • Create an argument regarding this statement. Make sure to use supportive evidence when making an argument.
  • Research the potential flaws of regarding eyewitness testimony .

Period 1, 4, 5, & 6: Watch this video on factoring quadratics when “a” is equal to 1. While watching it take notes and write down ALL the practice problems and the notes with them. Be prepared to turn in your notes for a grade.

Period 3: Watch the video on adding and subtracting matrices. While you are watching make sure you take notes and copy down his example and how to add and subtract it. When finished create your own unique 3×3 example and add and subtract that matrix. Be prepared to turn it in for a grade.

Period 8: Watch the video on graphing 1 step inequalities. Take notes and write down ALL of the examples that is shown in the video. Create 2 of your own inequalities after you finish the videos. Be prepared to turn it in for a grade.

Band E Learning Assignment for 5th-12th grade for Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 

All work must be turned in with your first and last name written on it and a parent signature. 

Directions for brass, woodwinds, and string instruments. (percussion see below)

Go to the website- https://www.stepwisepublications.com/free-fingering-charts.html

Click on the fingering chart for your instrument to use as a reference.

For 5th and 6th grade, write out the Concert Bb Scale for your instrument on a blank sheet of paper.  Then using the downloaded fingering chart, write/draw the fingering under each note.

C Instruments (Flute, Oboe, trombone, baritone, tuba, bass, percussion)-Bb C D Eb F G A Bb

Bb Instruments (Clarinet,Tenor Sax, Trumpet)-C D E F G A B C

Eb Instruments- (Alto/Bari Sax)-G A B C D E F# G

F Instruments-French horn-F G A Bb C D E F

For 7th and 8th grade, write out the Concert Eb and Ab Major scales for your instrument and draw/write the fingering under each note letter.  

For 9th-12 grade, write out the F, Ab, and Db Concert Major scales and then write/draw the fingering under each note on a blank sheet of paper.

Use the Scale Matrix we use in class or page 42 in the Red book. If you don’t know if you are a C, Bb, Eb, or F instrument, review the 5th/6th grade assignment.  

For all percussionists, look at the website-http://www.playintimeadvantage.com/fingering_charts/keyboard_percussion.pdf for mallet keyboard instruments on the blog.  On a blank sheet of paper draw only the red mallet instrument bars and label the note of each instrument.  

E-Learning 3/10-3/11

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Digital Apps

This week we will see how spreadsheet is used to do math. Students should download activities 9 and 10 and complete them by following the instructions in the word document.

Web Design

During this next two days please focus your energy towards KHAN ACADEMY. Please complete the assigned work on KHAN, Specifically “Drawing with Code”.


Compose two different photographs both using hard shadows. In one photograph include both the shadow and the object creating the shadow. In the second photo keep only the shadow in the frame. Once you’ve captured the photos we will put them into light room and edit them in black and white NEXT WEEK. Don’t attempt to put them into lightroom until the week.

eLearning Information

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Tuesday – Day 1

Wednesday – Day 2

If you need assistance with any of the assignments please reach out via REMIND and/or email: abrenner@goapa.org

COMPASS IS ALWAYS A GREAT GO TO!!! The cadets goal for this six weeks is to be at 80% progress. If you do not have Internet access, I know some cadets find a way to get to the Library so that may be an option! (:

Well, kiddos…you’ve either just completed or are about to complete a properly major speech that you had to write and had to prepare visual aids for. What I’d like you to do is write a short reflective essay of 2 pages where you discuss how you prepared and practiced for this speech. Please be honest with yourself: did you do the best you could? How could you have done better? How could you have practiced more effectively?

On Schoology, you should see a folder for “Lesson 5: The Silver Screen” under Unit 4. Complete activities 4.05a-c and 4.05d before returning to school on Thursday.

On Schoology, I’ve uploaded a folder in Unit 8 for our research unit. The first folder in that has the e-Learning. In short, I’m asking you to read Foucault’s “Panopticism,” take careful annotations, and answer the questions I’ve asked you. There’s a folder for you to upload your annotations and answers on Thursday.

Please begin reading Death of a Salesman, which is located in the Drama folder. (Plays are actually really short reads…outside of Shakespeare, most only take about an hour to read. Think about it, most are about 2 hours long, and you should be reading twice as fast in your head as you do aloud. You could easily have this done in an hour if you apply yourself.)

In addition, please complete the reading and short writing activity I’ve left in your “flu e-Learning” folder.