Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Period 1, 4, 5, & 6: I have attached and pdf on factoring by grouping. you can either print it out or do the work on a separate sheet of paper.

Period 3: IXL G.3

Period 8: IXL J.11

7th and 8th grade ELA Lab Room 18-Please read Number the Stars by Lois Lowery, and complete the following worksheets.

7th and 8th grade Math Labs Room 18- We are re-learning fractions.  Please complete twp activities that involve using fractions.  EX.  Cooking (measuring utensils), hanging wall decor (tape measure).  Students need to write a reflection of their fraction activities and what they learned from the activity.  It must be 2 paragraphs consisting of 7 to 10 sentences.

Band E Learning Assignment for 5th-12th grade for Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 

5th-8th Grade E Learning Assignment


Click on the following videos for your instrument and on a sheet of paper write the following:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. The name of the performer
  3. 2 things the performer does well in complete sentences

Flute: (Jimmy Walker)

Clarinet: (Julian Bliss)

Alto Saxophone: (Cannonball Adderley)

French horn: (Gail Williams) 

Trumpet: (Choose one) (Wynton Marsalis) (Arturo Sandoval)

Trombone: (Choose one) (JJ Johnson) (Joe Alessi)

Baritone: (David Childs)

Tuba: (Roger Bobo)

Percussion: (Bobby Hucherson with McCoy Tyner)

Bass: (Christian McBride)

Friday: Find another musician who plays your instrument and write the name on the same sheet.  

Jazz Band and Advanced Concert Band E Learning Assignment:

Email video assignments to Cpt. Drabyn email at 


Jazz Band-Using your Red Book as a reference, record a video or yourself playing your Concert F Blues Scale and your part for Stolen Moments

Advanced Concert Band-Record a video of yourself playing your part to Beyond the Riverbend.


Jazz Band-Record a video of yourself playing your part for Moanin’

Advanced Concert Band-Record a video of yourself playing your part for As Tears Fall on Dawn’s New Light.

If you did not take your instrument home as you should have done, you can make up the assignment next week.  

These will be due next Tuesday along with the assignments from Tuesday and Wednesday.

Calculate slope for the following points:

  1. (2,3) (4,6)
  2. (5,7) (10,17)
  3. (4,6) (7,7)
  4. (1,5) (3,7)
  5. (6,20) (8,22)
  6. (7,11) (9,17)
  7. (10,35) (15,65)
  8. (12,18) (13,19)
  9. (22,37) (24,42)
  10. (16,18) (17,20)

This will be due on Tuesday along with the assignments for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Find Circumference for the following:

  1. d=15
  2. d=18
  3. d=33
  4. d=40
  5. d=27
  6. r=6
  7. r=17
  8. r=23
  9. r=12
  10. r=19

Find Area for the following:

11. r=12

12. r=23

13. r=16

14. d=20

15. d=22

E-Learning Days – 3.12 and 3.13

by Derek Kramer on March 11, 2020

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Hope everyone is staying healthy or getting well!

For Thursday and Friday, here’s what to work on:

Listen to Chapter 12 of A Wrinkle in Time. This is the last chapter in the book so any other chapters that have been missed should be read or listened to as well. Ch 11 starts at 4:54:46 and Ch 12 starts at 5:23:23 in this YouTube video below.

Looking at their Google Classroom assignments on the book, it is clear that most of the class has a lot of work remaining to do on this. So that is the primary thing I want them to focus on for Thursday and Friday.

There are 27 slides total on the assignment and they’ve been able to work on it some during class over the last two weeks. Students can pick 4 slides to wait until next week to do in class, the rest of it should be completed when they return on Monday (if we are indeed back in action as planned). So all but 4 slides should be completely done. Please look over it with your student to make sure they are showing some effort on this assignment. It’s a big assignment worth 300 points in their reading grade as it’s really the only major thing they had to do that goes with the book.

Google Classroom log ins ( are either or Passwords were created by the students themselves but they were recommended to make them the same as their Compass passwords.

Optional things include: Compass (if behind), Spelling City (we’ll have this test on Thursday next week), IXL (any subject, still an extra credit opportunity), Prodigy.

I know some students will not have a chance to get any of the paperwork items from this week, so they will have extra time to complete those items next week when we return.

If your child brought home a five day plan, feel free to follow that guide. Several students in Mrs. Owens’ class were reporting that they had not remembered their packets and didn’t have a way to contact the teacher or obtain more.

Any combination of 4 days of activities will be accepted as proof of “attendance” and for a grade between the ones sent home on Monday and the ones posted here.

Here are the e-learning assignments for Thursday and Friday.  I added the assignments to the same document that was posted for Tuesday and Wednesday’s assignment, so you will see the assignments for the first two days as well.  

Reminder: Internet Explorer is the best browser to use for Compass.  Using Chrome will cause the some glitches while your child is working on Compass.  

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the assignment.

You do not have to print the worksheet for this assignment. DO NOT SUBMIT VIA EMAIL! Write your answers on a piece of lined paper and turn it in when we return to school. You can put this on the same paper as the E-Learning from Tuesday and Wednesday. This assignment is for Lt. Dean and Lt. Austins classes. Use the attached Chapter 5 from the Aerospace Journey of Flight book to answer the questions.

Today (Wednesday 3/11/20) the WHO (not the band) declared the novel coronavirus to be a pandemic. Research what has to occur for a disease to obtain “pandemic” status. Based on this information, why has the novel coronavirus been labeled a pandemic?