Thursday, March 12, 2020

OK updates for e-learning Thursday and Friday.

You are going to need to finish Diego y sus amigos Nuggets one through 10 and pista picante nuggets one through 10

If we stay out any longer you need your ojo vigilante worksheet and you can do these by clicking on any of the videos that we’ve done and scrolling down to ojo vigilante. Get as many videos done as you can with the timestamps.

E-learning: finish all the activities on your Quizlet and watch the next two episodes of switched at birth. I will post the worksheet for you to accomplish on Google classroom

Hey, Nerds:

Watch this video (please video gods, let this work–someone email me if it doesn’t) and answer the following question and for the love of god don’t email them to me just yet.

Is whole-home tech a good idea?

Day two:

Follow the directions on this worksheet:

Hope you’re enjoying your quarantine… don’t ask me questions. I don’t know anything.


US History – Apex 3.3.4 and quiz 3.3.5

US Government – Apex 3.1.1 and quiz 3.1.2

Holocaust – I want you to do some research and pick a survivor of the Holocaust that was interviewed an told their story (a ton on YouTube). Prepare a summary of their experience in the Holocaust. Where were they from? How were they first affected by the war? Were they sent to a concentration camp and which one? How did they survive? Be prepared to answer all these questions when we return to school.

Algebra I Honors

by Richard Barker on March 12, 2020

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Your assignment for e-learning this week is to comolete the IXL assignments which will also include factoring quadratics with a leading coefficient greater than 1. Here is a link to the process that I would like you to use, which is the same process we learned in class last week.

Algebra II E-learning

by Richard Barker on March 12, 2020

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Please complete the study guides, checkup questions and quizzes for both 2.5 and 2.6 lessons. You will have until Wednesday next week to turn them in. We only have a few lessons left before iur unit test so be sure you are staying on top of all of your work!

Here is a science video to add to your e-learning activities. Check it out! What are your thoughts??

Algebra II Honors E-learning for this week. We will be finishing the skid distance problem. In addition, you will need to complete 2.10.1 which is the review assignment in Apex. This will be due on Monday upon our return to school.

JOURNAL ENTRIES:  Optional and your choice of subjects (Extra credit will be given for TH and F.)

7th and 8th Grade Cadets,

  • Finish the E Learning already assigned.  Work on next week’s IXL.  (Do as many starred selected lessons as you can.)  This will be used to help your grades to improve for this six weeks. Work on NoRedInk on assignments.
  • Optional: Your E Learning assignment for TH and FRI will be to work on your books.  Write chapters and continue your work from school on MS Word and save it.  We will work to put it together with your book at school when we return.  Do as much as you can.

Complete these two worksheets. The materials you need can be found here .