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by Syed Shah on March 17, 2020

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by Syed Shah on March 17, 2020

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PE Student Challenge

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Mrs. Crose’s Introduction

by Crose on March 17, 2020

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Mrs. Crose’s Room

6th Grade

 A        Arrival – Students may be dropped off starting at 7:30 am. Middle School students must be dropped off at the doors that are facing the fire station. Class will not start until 8:05 each day. Students will wait in the gym until 7:45 and then they will be dismissed into their classrooms. Most mornings students will attend assembly in the small gym. Students will cite the pledge of allegiance and be notified of any upcoming events or highlights that are happening at APA.

Attendance – Your child’s success in school is dependent on a regular and prompt attendance at school. Most of our curriculum is experienced through our netbooks and cannot be taken home to make up. If you child is sick, has a doctor’s appointment, or other type of family emergency please send in a written note for their absence the next day back at school. If students get too far behind in their compass work or daily activities they will be required to make up that time during summer school at the end of the year

 B        Birthdays – Students are permitted to bring a snack to school to share with classmates on their special day during a specific time approved by me. All food must be store bought and students must bring in their treat in the morning. ** Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.**

            Breakfast – APA will have breakfast this year!! Breakfast will be from 7:05 – 7:40. Students who pay full price the cost will be $1.75. Reduced price is $0.30 and some students will be on a free breakfast. If students are eating breakfast, they will be coming in the back doors of the school by the small gym.

 C         Communication – Communication between home and school is very important. I rely heavily on the students to be responsible messengers now that they are in the middle school. J I will also use emails and phone calls if needed to communicate in order to make the students more successful and efficient. Feel   free to call me or email me any time with any questions or concerns about your child. You may call 765-649-8472and leave a message to my voicemail. The most immediate way to contact me is through my email (tcrose@goapa.org) My prep times are Monday – Friday 8:14-9:03 If you would like to meet or you would like me to explain how something works online etc., please let me know! I am here to make sure your student excels in the 6th grade and I can’t do that without your help! J

Compass – Compass is our online digital curriculum. If you want to know your students real time grades, have your student log on and access this information on their compass accounts. I will also post their grades and GLEs online on our Skyward website. If you have any further questions, or are unsure how to check, I will be glad to assist you or answer any questions. Compass is a supplementary curriculum (digital piece) that makes us more engulfed in technology at APA. Students will needs to master all their compass quizzes with an 80% or above. They will have to pass 80% of the quizzes given to them in Language Arts and Math.

D         Discipline/Class Dojo – I use an online program called Class Dojo for behavior. The program allows each student to be given positive and negative points for the behavior throughout the day. Parents can login to see exactly what points their child has received and why they were given. You can also sign up to receive email reports every day or once a week. I can also send and receive messages regarding your child. I will also use this program to post more detailed information about what is going on in the classroom such as things that are due, upcoming events, and what we may need in the classroom. Class Dojo is always updating and now we can upload photos and videos of what we are doing in the classroom. I suggest downloading the Class Dojo app on your phone or wi-fi connected device and it is very easy to use! If you are unable to download the app, please let me know and we will work together to find another way to communicate. J

I will also be giving students consequences that will help them to resolve the issue that continues to occur. More detailed rules are in the student handbook located in their agendas. Every child is different and respond differently to certain consequences.  We will be going over the responsibilities and discipline pieces   upon my first few days in class full time.  This will ensure that we are following all of APA’s expectations.  Discipline will be followed as described in the handbooks as well.

As for my classroom:

1st offense = Warning

2nd offense = Lunch Detention/Miss out on activity/Teacher’s Choice – Depending on type of offense.

3rd offense = Call Home/Note Home and bring back signed/Email Home – If note is not signed, student will receive a referral. *Written Consequence (The Motivator)

4th offense = Referral to office

** Common offenses that occur: Not turning in homework, not in proper dress code, and tardiness – please refer to the student handbook which will list additional information. If you have a question about anything please email or call.

Dismissal – Dismissal begins at 3:00 for 5th and 6th graders. If your 6th grader has older siblings in this building they will stay until 3:30. They will be in my classroom, or we will go down to the gym for an activity or club time. You will pick your child up by the doors that is closest to the fire station. Students will not be allowed to walk across the street to the other side, so please pick them up from the proper area to allow dismissal to go smoothly.

** Students who do not have older siblings must leave at 3:00. If they are not picked up by 3:00, they will be sent to our latch key program, which is an after school care program which runs for about $10 a day. If you need additional information about this program, let me know.

Dress Code – Please follow the Anderson Preparatory Academy Dress Code stated in the student handbook. In addition, please make sure that your child wears ALL black tennis shoes. Students must abide by all dress code rules. Students will   receive a violation/offense if not in uniform. After three dress code violations students will have a write up referral and will have Saturday school.

E          Email – The fastest and surest way to get in touch with me throughout the day is through my email: tcrose@goapa.org Also, if you would like to share your email address that would be wonderful as well.

Effort – We hold high expectations for each and every sixth grade student. We expect and encourage all students to do their best in everything they do. It is my job as their teacher to be their motivator with kindness and firmness. I really push my students, and at times they feel very pressured, but I assure you that I always have their best interest at heart and I know they are capable of doing great things. It is normal for your cadet to feel stressed the first few days of this transition getting use to the new routines and procedures. I also need your help as the parents to support me as their teacher when things are way out of their comfort zone. That is where they grow the most! As long as students give 100%, they will be very successful.  I will be here for the remainder of the school year.

G         Grading – Report cards are issued differently at the Middle School level. Students will receive assessment updates from me with their reading levels and other items. Everything will be found online through our Skyward website. They will have a GLE and a GLE percentage in the skyward gradebook. Our mission is not to focus so much on grades rather than students focusing on learning and having fun.

Students’ grades come from:

 Language Arts – A variety of activities, participation, and daily activities Classroom rotations that are 15 minutes each rotation

 Social Studies – A variety of activities, participation, and daily activities Classroom rotations that are 15 minutes each rotation

**You will see GLE on goal sheet. That stands for Grade Level Equivalency, which means that is where your child is progressing currently. It is imperative that you closely monitor their Language Arts and Math GLE and not their grade. I will let you know if they are behind, on target, or above target on the report card. If students get too far behind they will have to work additional hours in the classroom, or during the summer before they move on to the next grade level.

 If students are not at their targeted goals by the end of the year, they may need to repeat the grade again.

Grades Online – Grades are also available online at all times. Each of our students will receive their skyward username and password to log in to view their grades. I encourage each parent to access grades, discipline, fee balance etc. In order to sign up email mdickson@goapa.org the following information for EACH child:

1. Child’s name and grade

2. Your relationship to child

3. Child’s home address

4. Main phone contact

Compass – If you want to know your student’s real time grades, have your student log on and access this information on their compass accounts. If you have any further questions, or unsure how to check, I will be glad to assist you or answer any questions.

H         Homework – I am not a firm believer in regular homework.  However, if students are falling behind they will need to bring work home. Occasionally there might be something required to do at home, but for the most part I do not assign work to be done at home.

J           Jets – We are the Jets!!! Cal is our mascot and he is a pilot. CAL is an acronym for the principals that we were founded upon here at APA. Citizenship, Academics and Leadership! J

L          Lunch – Our lunch is from 9:55 – 10:25. Students can bring their lunch; however, our school will be serving lunch K-12! Students will no longer have to bring their lunches, they can buy one from the cafeteria. Parents can grab a free and reduced lunch form at the front office and fill out the application.

P          Parties – There will be times throughout the year we will have small classroom celebrations. I will let you know the when and how of course! Any donations are greatly appreciated! J

R          Recess – We do not have a set time for recess now that we are at the middle school level; however, I keep the classroom pretty active with expected work and break times.

             Restrooms – Students will be given the opportunity to go to the restroom as needed and with permission. They are allowed 2 minutes. If they go past their time, it will result in a violation. If it is an emergency, they may ask to go during class.

Rotational Learning Model – At APA we follow the rotational learning model. Students will be dispersed into groups and will rotate around to different groups. Normally there will be a Computer-based learning group, an independent activity, group project/project, and/or teacher guided group. It varies day to day; however, the students learn the best in these rotations. Some days I will be working one-on-one with students and all their rotations will be self-educating and exploring groups.

S          Smartphones, iPods, and other electronic devices – Students are to keep these devices off and in their backpacks at all times. Please remember that electronic devices brought into school by the students are the students’ responsibility. It is up to the students’ parents to decide if their child is capable of bringing such a device and keeping up with it. Neither the school nor am I responsible for lost or stolen items.

T          Toys, trading cards, figurines, and other such items – Any items that distract a student’s attention from the lessons or assignments will be taken away from the students. These items can be collected by myself and /or other staff at APA and will not be given back to the student until the end of the school year.

W        Water – Students are now allowed to bring water bottles to school; however, that being said each student is responsible for their computers. If students spill water on their computers, it is their responsibility to pay for any damage.

Website – Anytime that you have a question or would like to get information about the school or classroom, you may visit http://www.goapa.org

Y          You – YOU are your child’s first teacher and play an extremely important role in his/her education. You know and understand your child better than anyone else. We value your insights and input. Please feel free to contact me with a note, phone call, or email anytime you have a question, concern, or information you feel we should know in order to best help your child.

 Z         ZZZzzzz’s – Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest. It will help him/her be alert and ready to learn each day! J

I look forward to working with you and your student!

Please sign and date saying that you have read and understand the ABCs of Mrs. Crose’s  Classroom:

__________________________________ Date: __________________________

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Both are important, but fall just short of 100%



Just a quick update as far as this Corona Virus   Parents, I did not intend to meet this way, however, due to our current situation, here we are.  So, let me start with introducing myself.  My name is Mrs. Crose, I have been married for 39 years with 4 grown children and 3 grandbabies.  I also have been a foster parent for 10 years.  I am really looking forward to working with your student.  Some of them may remember me, as I was their sub for a few days.  I do expect students to work hard and then play.  I like to have fun and joke around however, work comes first.  I approach learning seriously and set the example for my students to do the same. Our IXL and Compass has been set up and working now.  So students are able to log into their accounts and keep working during this closure.  They may use a cell phone, ipad, laptop whatever you have.  I also have set up a Newsela account for our class.  Here is the log in information: newsela.com/quickjoin/#/9J9GBG I have made assignments in there as well.  Just to give students a variety.  My expectations were laid out in the blog, which is 1 power standard quiz per day on IXL, 2 Compass assignments and at least 1 Newsela assignment. Parents, thank you for encouraging your student to press on through this shut down time.  It really means a lot to me! Students I’m looking forward to meeting in person!  I have also rearranged our room and I’m excited for you all to see it!   Have a great day and email me with any questions or just plain conversations!

Miss Hiller’s Class

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For E-Learning Days during school shut downs.