Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Hello All,

                I wanted to put something up on my blog to try to keep you all updated as to what and where we are heading in Social Studies. Everywhere we listen in the news today says, “These are times of uncertainty”. As a Social Studies teacher, I want you to know, I am VERY CERTAIN of the fact that I will continue to lecture and teach you the facts of documented historical facts.  I made the commitment to educate you with factual information as well as giving you the chance to broaden your mind to history. This will continue as long as you take advantage of the opportunity I will be giving you through e-learning.

                Beginning next Tuesday, March 31st, I will begin my lectures and giving assignments via ZOOM.COM. I have obtained all of your school email addresses and I will be sending out invites to all of my classes to join me. While I am instructing you, I want you to continue to take notes just as you did in my classroom. You will see the PowerPoint on the screen and it will look the same as class. Everything in red will be information that needs to be placed in your notes for future tests and quizzes.

                When we start the class next week, my allotted time will from 1pm-2pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I will teach ALL 7th grade students from 1pm-1:25pm and ALL 8th grade students will be from 1:30pm-1:55. I will open the meetings on ZOOM approximately 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled invite so it will give everyone a chance to be logged on and into the meeting. Please be prepared prior to the class because there will be a lot of you that will be in the class. Also, please be mindful of your other classmates and keep your speaker on mute unless you are asking a question. This will avoid any unwanted background noises. If at some point, you missed something in the lecture due to unforeseen issues, I will be recording the lesson at the same time and I will post it to my blog later in the day. Now having said that, I truly expect to see that all of my students are doing their due diligence to make an effort to take these lectures seriously.

                I know that this is a lot of information at one time; however, we need to stay on task and continue to surge forward. I made the commitment, and now I am keeping it. Please stay safe and healthy through this difficult time and we will get through this together.

                If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

Their Outlook account is and their password is their student ID (4 or 5 numbers) with 2 zeroes at the end.  Students may use a phone, computer, or tablet to access where they can then enter their credentials.  USERNAME is studentlastnamestudentfirst name:  (example:  haydenjohn)

**Please click on the above link in order to view directions on using Zoom.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

              If you have a child with an IEP, your child will still receive special education services on e-learning days. The services will look different as we cannot meet face to face. The elementary special education department will be servicing students with IEPs via Zoom (an online video conferencing platform) or telephone. We will be working with the students on their e-learning assignments and provide some additional practice through Khan Academy, RAZ, or another educational resource. OT and Speech services will be provided through email. Mrs. Owens and Mr. Cagley will send lessons to parents that the students should practice. E-learning days will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (starting March 31st). Services will be provided on these days. Mondays and Fridays will not be considered e-learning, therefore services will not be provided. I understand that this is not the ideal way to provide services, but we are working to make sure the students are provided the supports that they need during this unique situation.

 If you do not have a computer for your child to work on, please contact Miss Cunningham ( to see if there is one available for student use. Any computers available will not be given to students until after April 7th.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding services for students with IEPs!