Thursday, March 26, 2020

E-learning Info!

by Mallory McCullough on March 26, 2020

Posted in: 5th Grade

Okay!! I am sending this out via Dojo and I will also put it on the blog for everyone. Updates and some other info that came from our zoom call today.

  1. Our 5th grading period will end on April 10th. All grades will be finalized withing the two days of that date and we will start on our 6th grade period after that.
  2. Elearning will start next week and continue until we are back at school. Right now we will be back on May 4th unless administrators meet and see otherwise.
  3. Elearning will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. I will assign items in IXL for Math, LA, Science and Social Studies.
  4. Mrs. Whittaker and I will be doing Zoom conferences on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 each week. One of us will be reviewing Math or going over a Common Lit story each week. Math is on Tuesdays and LA/Reading will be on Thursdays. Students MUST BE PRESENT TO AT LEAST ONE each week in order to get their attendance. Students can go to both as well and we would love to see as much participation as possible. We will also record our sessions so that it will be available as well.
  5. Mrs. Hoesman would like to know if the students want to participate in a friendly mail project she is doing. Let me know and I will give her your students name and she will be getting a hold of you via snail mail.
  6. Students check the blog! I will put everything that needs to be done each week on the blog on Sunday evening or Monday. It will need to be done on Friday. Keep in mind students will need to complete the work and show up for the zoom conferences in order to get their grades and attendance.
  7. We still plan on doing summer school. As long as students are working on their assignments from the blog, are participating in zoom conferences, and working on compass they will not be required to do summer school.
  8. My cell phone is 765-623-7274. Parents/students are welcome to get a hold of me if you are confused, or have questions, or just need to talk. I know this is a hard time for everyone to adjust and learn new things.

Next zoom conference will be next Tuesday at 11:30 – We are going to go over the Math concepts for the week! 🙂

Let me know if you are unable to reach out with zoom. E-mail me at and we will figure out a way for the students to get what they need! 🙂

All eLearning assignments for choir will be posted on Google Classroom. This site is available on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you have never used Google Classroom, instructions for logging in have been sent to your APA email. If you have used Google Classroom, the invitation to your class is in your APA Google email. If you do not receive the instructions or the invitation, email me ASAP– .