Monday, May 4, 2020

English 10 Week of 5/4

by Brielle Rue on May 4, 2020

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Sorry for no blog last week–I sent everything you needed to know in an email…

Here’s what it said:

Your final assignment for English 10 will be to write a short memoir.

A memoir is different than a personal narrative. A personal narrative, if you remember, describes in full detail, one event in a person’s life. A memoir can describe multiple events in one person’s life but focuses on only one person (you).

Write a 600-750 word memoir about your time in quarantine. You should pick out a few medium-sized events that were significant and write about them from your point-of-view.

This is why I assigned journaling, to help you pin-point significant events during quarantine.

Here’s a helpful link if you’re struggling:

(examples: I would write about the moment I found out schools would be closed for the year(I cried), and my first time going grocery shopping wearing a face mask, and maybe about this afternoon when Persephone and I were outside, I was laying on a blanket in our backyard soaking up some sunrays enjoying hearing her chase our dogs and giggling(I’d talk about how grateful I am to get to spend quality time with her—small things CAN be significant things, ya dig?) —– Talk about how these all have affected me and changed my life, probably forever… etc. etc.)

Typed. Times New Roman. 12pt Font. Double Spaced. Just have your name on it somewhere.

I’ll use this rubric to grade:

This will bring your total number of assignments for Term 6 to 6. PLEASE if you haven’t turned in previous journals, send me SOMETHING. It’s better than nothing. Also, if you are struggling, please reach out to me. I can’t help you if you don’t let me know you need it.”


Today is 5/4 — you should have turned in 4 journals today and next week on 5/11 you will turn in your last set of 4 journals. Then on 5/19 you will turn in your short memoir. Then you’re done for English 10 for the 2019-2020 school year!

This is my BEG AND PLEAD, if you haven’t turned anything PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME I WANT TO HELP. We will get a plan together to help you pass this term and semester.

I can’t do this unless you meet me half way.

Miss you and love you,


Algebra II 5/5-5/7

by Richard Barker on May 4, 2020

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Assignment: Give me one example for three of the careers that you listed on last week’s assignment. This could be a specific equation or how math is used within the framework of the job in order to be successful.

Assignment: IXL – BB1, BB2, BB3

Your goal is to get practice with trying to understand the different components of quadratic equations and their graphs. We will be making connections between what we started discussing about these graphs during our zoom meeting on Wednesday. You are not required to get a high score on this to earn high marks for this assignment, we will work towards that next week. I need to see that you have taken the time to work through at least 10 questions this week for each topic.

Algebra I Lab 5/5-5/7

by Richard Barker on May 4, 2020

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Assignment: Log at least 45 minutes of time on Khan Academy. I would advise spending time on the pre-algebra mastery challenge so you can continue to improve that percentage.

Your work this week will involve graphs of exponential functions and an introduction into logarithms. We will be reviewing what you learned about exponential functions and start our work on what logarithms are and the properties of them.

Assignment: 3.4.2, 3.5.2, 3.4.3, 3.5.3

Be sure to go through the study sections before starting on the checkup questions or the quizzes in the second and third sections of each lesson. We will have a zoom meeting on Wednesday at 3pm to start going over the logarithm properties.

Good afternoon gang, I hope everyone had a great weekend. There is nothing changing this week so you all pretty much know what we are doing.

7th Grade will have ZOOM classes on Tuesday and Wednesday at 1pm, and then I will post on the blog a written assignment on Thursday.

8th Grade will have ZOOM classes on Tuesday and Wednesday at 1:30pm, and then I will post on the blog a written assignment on Thursday.

Looking forward to seeing you all in my class. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive. WE GOT THIS GANG!!!!

WRITE: If you were able to change 1 (one) thing about the current AFJROTC program (outside of the mandate of wearing the uniform) what would it be?  100 words Minimum

SUBJECT LINE:Class period/Assignment -i.e.- 2nd period/Quick-write

Assignment must be turned in to YOUR JROTC instructor by Thursday, 7 May 2020

    • Seniors will drop off Uniforms on 6 May between 2-5pm.  If you are unable to come, please send a parent or guardian.
      • See e-mail from Mrs. Hadsell to seniors for details.
    • Please bring all Blues uniform items
      • Please bring ribbon racks, rank insignia, name plates
      • – NO Shoes, t-shirts, socks, or PT gear.
    • Clean and pressed per label instructions is preferred

All other cadets: Uniform collection will be announced. Please have cleaned now if possible.

Any uniforms still at APA facilities will be collected after students are allowed building access. Date to be announced.