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by Julieanne Reed on May 5, 2020

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Good afternoon! I hope everyone is doing well. I apologize for the late submission for E Learning this week! As odd as it is, I am actually more busy now than I am during the regular school day!

So I am still very hopeful that we will be able to get together as a class sometime this summer. I am going to talk to the other two kindergarten teachers and see what they think but I am betting that as long as things go as planned, we will be able to get together for a graduation celebration in June as long as we keep our numbers in line with the Governors recommendations as far as group size. I miss everyone so much!

I hope to see the kiddos soon!

Ms. Reed

Here is a great example of a student visualizing what she has read. In our story about Frogs and Toads we learned that the biggest frog is about the size of a full grown rabbit.
Butterflies might just be the prettiest insect.
Here is another excellent example of visualizing to learn.
Here is an example of comparing a reptile (Bearded Lizard ) to a mammal (Polar Bear). This graphic organizer helps students write their 2 paragraphs about similarities and differences.
This Venn Diagram compares and contrasts a frog and a fox.
This Venn Diagram compares and contrasts an alligator and a fox.
Here one is thinking about hopping out.
This guy is so big I can barely hold him with one hand.
Here is the last bunny hopping away. They are old enough to eat grass and don’t need mother’s milk any more.

Skyward Updated

by Dustin Pennycuff on May 5, 2020

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If you log into Skyward, you will now see that it has been updated. Each week has an entry for zoom meeting attendance. If you did the extra credit that was mentioned on last weeks zoom calls, that has been entered.

Each IXL module has been entered as it’s own grade. I have not scored them yet as they are not due until May 21st. There will be two more assigned in each grade. You can finish up or continue working on them at your own pace. I will put the grades in in the coming weeks.

Art E-Learning 5/5-5/8

by Lacy Hoesman on May 5, 2020

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Hey Guys! This week I am giving you a lot of freedom with this assignment! Choose your favorite piece of artwork and remake it. You can choose a character, a painting, a drawing or even a sculpture… You do not have to choose the same media/ supplies as the original artist, but you do have to do your best to copy cat it. I am so excited to see your results! Email all pictures of artwork to lhoesman@goapa.org

Due to Cpt. Fraley May 9th

Submit your project by May 9th for a chance to win a prize!

Here is the overview of this week’s e-learning lessons. There was a mistake on the copy I brought to your house for Thursday’s reading assignment. Log into Google Classroom to get the detailed lessons or use the printed packet that some of you requested.

The weekly overview video:

eLearning 5/5-5/7

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Digital Apps

This week and next week we will be dealing with both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Each student will be responsible for completing a Research paper and PowerPoint presentation over their spirit animal. A spirit animal is an animal that you relate to and connect with the most.

The research Paper should be 2 pages  double spaced and must follow this rubric Spirit Animal_research_report_rubric  Your paper is due Next Thursday MAY 14th.

After completing the Research Paper we will take that information and put it into power point for our oral presentation. This will be due on Thursday May 21st.

The PowerPoint Presentation must be at least 10 slides in length.


This week we will focus on Leading Lines. Using your Camera take a 3-5 different pictures that use Leading lines to draw your attention to the subject in the photo. Submit this photos by Thursday. Here is a video that speaks to the importance of leading lines and how to use them. This video is referring to Videography specifically but the same rules apply to Photos as well.

Web Design

Khan Academy

  • Khan Academy Complete the following.
  • CSS Basics

Parent/Guardian Video:

Cadet Video:

This week cadets will be looking at Weather.

Tuesday – Wednesday: Continue the weather journal from last week and watch the lesson over Weather in compass.
2019 2020 Earth Space Science -> Weather and Climate -> Weather

Thursday: LQ Weather