Thank you to everyone who came to APA’s registration this week! It was nice to see some familiar faces, even if they were hidden behind masks. I wanted to give everyone a status update, letting you know we are hard at work developing the Virtual Academy.
APA Issued Computers

I have some exciting news to share – we are planning to issue APA devices to our virtual cadets on Friday, August 7th. I want to send a shout-out to our IT team, Mr. Dickson, Mr. Tulowitzky, and Alexa Carson for their hard work getting all of our devices ready. I will be posting additional information on the distribution process as soon as I have it. Until then, know that the IT department is working to get all devices reimaged and prepared for virtual student use for day one.You are welcome to use your own computer/smart device/tablet etc. and can turn-down the APA computer if you so desire. Your device would need to be able to reliably access Google Classroom, as Google Classroom will be our main ‘hub’ for accessing class materials.
Virtual Attendance

We are working on finalizing our attendance policy. However, I wanted to let families know that based on guidance from the Indiana Dept. of Ed,  in order to be considered in attendance cadets grade K-6 must demonstrate approximately 25 hours worth of progress in their courses each week (about 5 hours a day. Cadets grade 7-12 must demonstrate approximately 30 hours worth of progress in their courses each week (about 6 hours a day).
Learning Coaches

We are working to finalize our Learning Coach staff. I will be meeting with our Virtual Team early next week to iron out details and will post more information regarding Learning Coaches on Wednesday (8/5). 

My next update will be posted Wednesday (8/5) and will have more details. Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop the Virtual Academy. Please direct questions or concerns to our Virtual Academy Coordinator, Zach Morrison ( 

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