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7th & 8th Grade Math 9/16-9/20

by Eric Sturgeon on September 12, 2019

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This is the final week of the grading period. ALL students need to be at 10% progression on Compass by the end of Friday.

7th Grade:

Monday: Review for the test. (Probably Kahoot game)

Tuesday: Compass

Wednesday: Review for the test. (Probably Kahoot again)

Thursday: Grading Period Test

Friday: Test make-up/ Compass

8th Grade:

Monday: Adding and subtracting radicals (homework)

Tuesday: multiplying and dividing radicals

Wednesday: Compass/ test review

Thursday: Grading Period Test

Friday: Test make-up/ Compass

7th & 8th Math 9/9-9/13

by Eric Sturgeon on September 5, 2019

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This week will be a little off since we are going to be doing NWEA testing.

7th Grade:

Monday= preview integer word problems with an activity

Tuesday= Integer word problems

Wednesday= NWEA testing/ Compass

Thursday= Integer word problems (Homework)

Friday= Compass

8th Grade:

Monday = Solving square and cube roots with equations (Homework)

Tuesday= Simplifying roots (Homework)

Wednesday/Thursday/ and Friday= NWEA testing and Compass

7th Grade:

Tuesday: Multiply and divide integers (Homework)

Wednesday: Compass

Thursday: Integer Quiz

Friday: Compass

8th Grade:

Tuesday: square and cube roots (Homework)

Wednesday: Compass

Thursday: Review packet (maybe homework)

Friday: Compass

The video and assignment is to be completed on Wednesday, August 28th. Students will need to turn it in and get a signature on the signature sheet by the end of Friday. Signature sheets MUST be turned in the morning of September 3rd.

7th Grade:

Monday- Absolute Values and adding Integers (Homework)

Tuesday- Compass

Wednesday- E Learning

Thursday- Review of adding Integers then subtracting Integers (Homework)

Friday- Compass

8th Grade:

Monday- Converting decimals to fractions and fractions to repeating decimals.

Tuesday- Compass

Wednesday- E Learning

Thursday-Converting repeating decimals to fractions (Homework)

Friday- Compass

7th Grade=

Monday- Classification of numbers

Tuesday- Compass

Wednesday- review of classifications of numbers

Thursday- Compass

Friday- Classification of numbers quiz

8th Grade=

Monday- review classification of numbers

Tuesday- Compass

Wednesday- Ordering and comparing rational and irrational numbers correctly

Thursday- Compass

Friday- Claasification of numbers quiz

Students will be working on completing their pretest in Compass this week. If we finish we will be starting on types and classifications of numbers. I am unsure how long the Compass pretest will take since it is 114 questions. It is my goal for all students to be done with it by Wednesday.

All week long students will be reviewing old math and have a small preview of upcoming math, via a packet. This is in preparation of the Compass pretest next week to help students perform the best they can on it.

7th/8th Grade Mathematics

Eric Sturgeon

Phone ext.3022

Course Syllabus

            Welcome to Lt. Sturgeon’s math class! I am looking forward to seeing great mathematical growth in all students throughout the school year. My class will consist of 6 units (1 per grading period). The units we will be studying are aligned to Indiana standards and our Compass software. In order to maximize student’s growth and confidence, it is essential for both students and parents to understand my rules, policies, and procedures of the classroom.

Required Materials

  • A 3-ring Binder (Optional to store notes)
  • Pencils!!!!!
  • 3-hole punched paper (Notebook)
  • Pocket Folder
  • Headphones


A    93-100%

A-   90-92%

B+  87-89%

B    83-86%

B-   80-82                    

C+   77-79%

C    73-76%

C-   70-72%

40% Tests/Quizzes

25% Compass Progress

25% Homework/ Classwork

10% APA Points

APA Points

Students will start with 100 APA points and it will only go down if they have an infraction of rules, policies, and expectations. Students could lose APA points for various behavior or defiant actions as well. Here are some infractions and points it will cost the student:

Not be prepared for class (Not having pencil, paper, computer, headphones, etc..) = -1

Not participating when called upon or late to class = -2

Sleeping or doing work other than math without permission = -3

Not following school/class rules on food, drinks, cell phone, talking = -4

Not staying on task during computer time and not following APA military procedures= -5

Talking back to Lt. Sturgeon, profanity, or physically /verbally abusing other students = -10

Cheating = -15

Make-up work

Late assignments WILL NOT be accepted. I expect students to take responsibility for their education and to have every assignment turned in by its due date (which is the day after it is assigned). If students are absent they will get 2 days to turn in their missing work. This way they will have some time to learn the lesson before doing the work. However, if I notice near the end of the grading period that a student could obtain a passing grade if they turn in their missing homework, then I will give those individuals a chance to make them up. If students are absent for an extended amount, the due dates will be discussed with the student and parent.

Classroom Procedures

  • Students are expected to wait in a single file line outside my classroom until they are instructed to enter.
  • Students will get their notebooks and work on the “Do Now” review.
  • The Commander will call the class to attention and take roll.
  • After going over the “Do Now” Students will prepare for the daily lesson or Compass on their computer.
  • Students are to start preparing for dismissal 2 minutes before class ends.

Classroom Rules

My goal is to help mold students into top-notch citizens and students. In order to accomplish this I will be strict on rules and school procedures. Respect is going to be huge in my classroom. I will expect students to:

  • Participate when called upon
  • Raise hands to answer questions
  • Do not talk unless given permission by instructor
  • Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in class
  • Respect mine and peers belongings
  • Do not talk negatively to the teacher or other students
  • Do not physically or verbally abuse anyone
  • No bullying
  • Try your best
  • Work on math only unless given permission by me
  • Follow ALL military expectations set by APA
  • No cheating
  • When working on Compass, you must only be on Compass (No Browsing)
  • Come ready to learn and be the best you can be!!!!!!


My goal is to post the entire weeks objectives for each day by the end of Sunday. This way, students and parents can prepare and know what I will teach in the upcoming week. I will also try and note when homework will be given.

Discipline Procedures:

               The various leveled behaviors are listed below for your review.

  • Level 1 Behaviors are considered minor and will always be taken care of in the classroom by the classroom teacher.
    • Talking out
    • Out of seat
    • Horseplay
    • Cursing
    • Gum chewing/Eating in Class
    • Name calling
    • Dress code violation
  • Level 2 Behaviors are considered a step above minor and may be taken care of in the classroom or a referral may be given.
    • Repeated defiance
    • Minor vandalism
    • Stealing
    • Lying
    • Cursing at someone
    • Threatening someone (not life threatening)
  • Level 3 behaviors are considered major and will be referred to the office.
    • Fighting
    • Destructive vandalism
    • Assault
    • Weapons
    • Threatening suicide or someone else’s life

I am beyond excited to make great strides with ALL students this year in my math class. Despite all my rules and expectations, I am confident students will have a lot of fun and will enjoy going to math class. We will have a fantastic year!

By signing this sheet I am confirming that I understand Lt. Sturgeon’s syllabus, procedures, and rules. If I am a student, I will do my best to follow everything that Lt. Sturgeon mentioned in his syllabus. If I am a guardian of the student, I will support Lt. Sturgeon’s syllabus and help make sure my child understands it and the consequences.

Guardian Name Printed:     _____________________________________________

Guardian Signature:     ________________________________________________

Student Name Printed:     ______________________________________________

Student Signature:       _________________________________________________


*Turn in this page only, the rest is for you to keep!

Name: _______________________________  Flight: _________

E- Learning Questions

Science, Math, and English

Video Review Social Studies

7th Grade Video

Alexander the Great Lord of War

7th grade Science

1.            Q: Who were Alexander’s descendants believed to have been?

2.            Q: What was India’s normal state of affairs?

3.            Q:  What did Alexander’s horse archers wear for protection?

4.            Q: What weapon was once a butcher’s tool now being used for combat?

5.            Q: What was the Indian bow made of?

6.            Q: The Indian bow was known to penetrate what?

7.            Q: What made the Alexanders archers ineffective when it was time for battle?

7th Grade Math

  1. In the beginning it was stated how many Greek soldiers there were and they were outnumber 2 to 1. With this information, how many soldiers did their enemies have?
  2. What is the ratio of Alexander’s cavalry to the Indian Army?
  3.  The video stated that Alexander had a cavalry of 4,000. Based upon the ration of your answer to #2, how many did the Indian army have?

7th Grade English

Summarize the events of Alexander’s conquest of India, from beginning to end.

(Minimum of 3 paragraphs)

Name: _________________________________  Flight: _________

E- Learning Questions

Science, Math, and English

Video Review Social Studies

8th Grade Video

America – The Story of Us (5/12): Civil War Documentary (2010)

8th grade Science

1.            Q: What element was known as a lethal weapon of destruction?

2.            Q: What was the final death toll of the war believed to total?

3.            Q: What is the previous questions total equal to in modern times?

4.            Q: President Lincoln had a hidden weapon during this war, name it.

5.            Q: What triggered a revolution in battlefield medicine?

6.            Q: What major operation was being mostly used by the doctors of this era?

7.            Q: What anesthetic were doctors using to go about medical procedures?

8th Grade Math

1)            One of the Army’s grain suppliers decided to raise the price of oats from $4.00 to $5.00 per bushel. The same percentage increase was applied to corn. The old cost of corn was $3.50 per bushel. What is the new cost of corn?

2)            A soldier made a 16-mile trip from the fort to an outpost, traveling on horseback at a speed of 8.0 miles/hour. He made the return trip travelling at 4.4 miles/hour. What was his average speed for the entire trip?

3)            In one civil war battle 23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured. Of those 23,000, 1,700 were killed and 7,800 were wounded. What percent of the soldiers were captured?

4)            The Army agreed to buy 100 horses from a horse trader for a total cost of $15,000. The trader offered the Army two options to pay for the horses. They could pay the full amount in cash at delivery, or they could pay $1,200 down at delivery and $635 a month for 24 months on an installment plan. How much more would the Army pay for the horses on the installment plan?

8th Grade English

1. What do you think makes America’s evolution as a country so different than many other countries?

2. Describe the journey of the “mini ball” bullet, from its construction to the battlefield.

3. Name two men (there were at least four mentioned) from the video who recorded the events of the Civil War in journals or writings after the war.

4. How do you think fighting “brother against brother” affected the soldiers who fought the Civil War?

5. What was the name of Lincoln’s proclamation to free America’s slaves?