Jonathan Yergin

This week is a make up week for any missing assignments. Its imperative ALL missing assignments be submitted by Friday May 22, 2020.

This week chemistry will be looking at an individual of their choosing who made contributions to the field of chemsitry.

Monday – Friday: 1 page paper double spaced over an individual of your choosing who made contributions to the field of chem. Facts to include are; who they are, where they went to school, what was their contribution, what did it mean to the field of chem and where that contribution took place.

This week cadets will be looking at weather forcasting.

Tuesday – Wednesday: Weather Forecasting lesson in Compass
2019-2020 Earth Space Science-> Weather and Climate -> Weather Forecasting
Thursday: Lesson quiz over Weather Forecasting

This week cadets will be looking at Weather.

Tuesday – Wednesday: Continue the weather journal from last week and watch the lesson over Weather in compass.
2019 2020 Earth Space Science -> Weather and Climate -> Weather

Thursday: LQ Weather

This week we will look at grilling. When purchasing anything its smart to first set a budget. Impulse buying usually does not end well. This project is to promote researching prior to making a purchase. In this case its a grill but later in life it could be a car, house, day cares, TVs and computers.

Tuesday – Friday: Imagine that you are in position where you want to purchase a new grill. Give yourself a reasonable budget and go grill hunting. Answer the following questions.

1. What is your budget?
2. What Brand and Model of grill did you choose?
3. What type of grill did you get, propane, pellet, charcoal?
4. Why features does it have that you liked?
5. Because of your budget what features did you just have to live with?
6. Did you look at reviews and if so did they help you make a decision.

Tuesday – Friday: The following questions are more Chem related.
1. What type of reactions takes place in a propane grill, write out said reaction.
2. Why sear steaks? Get technical please, does it do anything at the chemical level to enhance flavor?
3. What should the internal temps of steak and chicken be cooked to for safe consumption and why?

Thursday: Late zoom meeting why you join me outside on the grill.

This week I will be doing laundry.

Tuesday: What are the main ingredients in laundry soap.
Wednesday: Fill out the following question
1. What is a surfactant?
2. Whats different from today’s laundry detergent vs say what was used over 100 years ago.
3. Is their really any reason to sort laundry?

Thursday: Lets do my laundry over zoom.

This week cadets are looking at patterns of circulating air in the atmosphere.

Tuesday April 28th – Friday May 8th: Keep a weather a journal, temp, pressure, preciptation, wind direction and speed

Wednesday: Circulation of the Atmosphere / Currents lesson located in the Weather and Climate -> Weather and Climate -> Lesson

Thursday: Lesson quiz: Weather and Climate

Jonathan Yergin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Coffee With Me
Time: Apr 24, 2020 08:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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This week cadets will be looking at molecules, specifically the Caffeine molecule.

Tuesday: Using what you can around the house create a model of the caffeine molecule. Using your email or remind send me a photo of it.

Wednesday – Thursday: Questions. Please type these up as the body of an email.
1. What is a molecule?
2. Why is caffeine considered a molecule?
3. Why is caffeine considered a stimulant?
4. Is caffeine addictive and if so how addictive?

Thursday: Coffee and Tea, the addiction chronicles.

This week cadets will be looking at wind, air masses and fronts and how they develop.

Monday – Friday: Using your favorite app or TV show record the temp and atmospheric pressure in the morning (8am ish) and in the evening (7pm ish). I would recommend doing it roughly the same time each day. Please send me your log in an email along with any observations you made that might tie temp and air pressure into what kind of day it was.

Tuesday – Wednesday: Compass lesson “Wind, Air Masses and Fronts”

Thursday: Lesson quiz over “Wind, Air Masses and Fronts”