Michael Stottlemyer

Monday: Section 2.4

Tuesday: Recitation 2.3/2.4

Wednesday: Section 2.5

Thursday: Recitation 2.5

Friday: Unit 2 Test Review

Test next Tuesday/Wednesday

Monday: Section 2.1

Tuesday: Inductive Reasoning Activity

Wednesday: Section 2.2

Thursday: Venn Diagram Activity

Friday: Bucket of Lies Activity

Monday: No School. Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday: Section 2.1

Wednesday: Section 2.2

Thursday: Recitation 2.1/2.2

Friday: Section 2.3

Monday: No School. Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday: Homework Work Day: Homework from sections 1.6 and 1.7 are due on Canvas by 11:59 p.m.

Wednesday: Unit 2 Test Review


Friday: Continue Unit 2 Test

Monday: Unit 1 Test Review

Tuesday: Unit 1 Test Part 1

Wednesday: e-Learning Day (complete problems from the practice test)

Thursday: Unit 1 Test Part 2

Friday: Continue on test as needed

Monday: Begin Section 1.6 Notes

Tuesday: Complete Section 1.6 Notes

Wednesday: e-Learning Day (Assignment posted on Canvas on Monday and is due on Friday)

Thursday: Formula Flashcards- BRING INDEX CARDS!

Friday: Whiteboard Games

Monday- Section 1.6.1. Complete 1.6.2 at home.

Tuesday- Recitation 1.5/1.6

Wednesday- Section 1.7. Quiz 1.5 due by midnight.

Thursday- Recitation 1.7

Friday- Test Review

Monday- HW work day (Submit answers on Canvas by 11:59 p.m.)

Tuesday- Test Review

Wednesday- Test Review

Thursday- Unit 1 Test

Friday- Continue Test

Monday: Number Talks, Section 1.3 Notes, and Apex accounts

Tuesday: Recitation 1.2/1.3. 1.1 Quiz due by the beginning of class.

Wednesday: Number Talks, Section 1.4 Notes. 1.2 Quiz due by 11:59

Thursday: Recitation 1.4

Friday: Section 1.5 Notes- seniors complete section on Apex on your own due to senior meeting all morning.

Sunday: 1.3/1.4 Quiz due by midnight.

Monday: Canvas Setup

Tuesday: Makeup Methodical Mondays

Wednesday: Section 1.4 Notes

Thursday: Section 1.5 Notes

Friday: Putt Putt hole design activity

HW answers for sections 1.4/1.5 need to be submitted on Canvas by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Please turn in your paper work in class on Monday.