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Hello all,

There has been some discussion about taking our exams earlier than the scheduled time. While I strongly considered this, I decided against, because there will be people in and out of class the week before exams due to participation in various activities. This means that the exam schedule is as follows:

Monday – 7th period

Tuesday – 2nd and 5th

Wednesday – 3rd, 6th, and 8th

Thursday – 1st

The study guide for both tests has been posted on the blog. I have decided to make the study guide a TAKE HOME QUIZ that will be due Monday at the beginning of class. This will get us some more points before the final. We will be doing various review activities for the rest of the week.


by Nathanael Neuendorf on May 13, 2019

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Hello all,

I am feeling much better after having the weekend to rest. This week, we will be doing everything we can to prepare for the final. Here is the final study guide:

We will be doing some games and activities that will help us study. I will take the completed study guide for a grade.

Be ready for a Hobbes and Locke Knowledge Check at the beginning of class! We are going to study the Founding Fathers and what they think the purpose of government is. We will read some quotes:

As I said before, be ready for a Voting Rights Knowledge Check tomorrow at the beginning of class. This will be graded. Shortly after women got the right to vote, Prohibition became the law of the land. Alcohol production and consumption became illegal. We are going to discuss the ramifications of this and watch a video:

If we are interested in this era, maybe we can spend a little time on this. We will study Prohibition and the Great Depression.

Hello all,

I have mentioned this before, but the time for our next project has finally come. We will be finishing the Einsatzgruppen series, then we will start research for our PowerPoint presentations. Here’s the details of the assignment:

Einsatzgruppen Massacre Assignment

The Holocaust as a whole is made up of many different individual massacres. Do some digging and find a specific Einsatzgruppen massacre to research (example: Babi Yar, from the video).  Describe what happened, including:

  • The time and place that the massacre took place
  • The Perpetrators of the massacre (include Einsatzgruppen and their collaborators)
  • The Bystanders.  What were the people like who weren’t targeted by the Nazis?
  • The Victims.  Who was being targeted?  How long have they lived in the area?
  • Give a timeline of the massacre and talk about the methods used during the killings.
  • Include some kind of resource like photographs, a video clip, survivor testimonial, etc.

Create a PowerPoint presentation for your massacre.  Include all relevant information and any media you have found.    Be prepared to present your PowerPoint to the class.  Make your presentations interesting.  Remember, these are human beings who were murdered.  You have a responsibility to honor their memory by taking this assignment seriously and making a good faith effort to educate yourself about your massacre.

Hello all,

We are going to continue watching the Einsatzgruppen series. I am not going to assign any reflections or worksheets for this. I want us to focus on really watching, listening to, and absorbing the content of these episodes. After we finish, I will be assigning our next project. We will each be researching an “Aktion,” or massacre, that was part of the Holocaust. We will examine the Bystanders, the Perpetrators (this includes Germans and their local collaborators), and the Victims. I will go into more detail later in the week, but we should be able to find all kinds of resources, including pictures, that we can use to take our projects to the next level.

Hello all,

We are now studying the Progressive Era. Our E-Learning assignment focused on the Women’s Suffrage movement. We will continue this discussion by examining the evolution of voting rights for different groups. Our lesson is from Here is a Powerpoint:

Hello all,

We have been talking about the powers of Congress and took a test Tuesday. We are now going to shift focus a bit and talk about the purpose of government. This was touched on in our E-Learning assignment. We will be learning a bit about the Enlightenment and the some of the philosophers behind the philosophy of the American Revolution, John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. We will be doing a lesson from