10th Grade

Hello all,

We have learned a ton about pre-colonial America, and we just completed an Apex lesson about the first colonists. Now we are going to take a closer look at the Thirteen Colonies and prepare to enter the American Revolution. You know me, I can’t wait for that! We are going to go over a PowerPoint presentation and take notes on the provided document.

Here is the presentation…

…and here is the outline, which you are to fill out.

If you miss class, you should check out the presentation yourself and fill out the outline. We are then going to be working with a worksheet that I will have printed out for you in class.

Hello all,

We have been introduced to some of the ideas of Locke, Hobbes, and the Enlightenment. We are now going to examine specific examples of Thomas Jefferson using ideas borrowed from Enlightenment authors to write the Declaration of Independence. Here is our copy of the Declaration:

We will skim through it together. We need to work on our ability to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words by using context clues. We will then look at four short articles. While we read, we will look for similarities between the ideas and language in these articles and those in the Declaration of Independence. While we do this, we will write down what we find in this chart (the DoI has space to make notations as well):

Here are the four articles we will be comparing to the Declaration of Independence:

This will probably take us the next few class periods to complete, but if you miss class, don’t fall behind! Start reading the Declaration and check out the articles. You don’t want to have to read it all in one day!

Notes from today.

Here is the rubric for the upcoming project. Be sure to read ALL of the rubric. Your questions may be asked in class on Friday.

Here is what we will be working on tomorrow.

Here is the information we went over the past two days about Identity Theft. The link to the video we watched is here as well.


Indiana History

  • Two Party System – Pros and Cons
  • What does each party stand for?

Ethnic Studies

  • Create Paper Assignment
  • Identity and Culture – What issues exist? Where/how did it start? How do we address it? Lasting Impacts?


Assignment: Handout 6-5 SP-2 (1-25) odd.

In class: Quiz on 6-5 (1-6) all.

Assignment: Handout Problem Solving with Systems (1-10) all.

In class: Notes on problem Solving with Systems of Linear Equations.

Assignment: Handout Unit 1 Vocabulary (1-15) all.

In class: Take Unit 1 Test (1-20) all.


  • Finish Shark Tank Presentations
  • Types of Businesses – Franchise Examples

Indiana History

  • Two Party System
  • Pros and Cons
  • What does each side stand for?

Ethnic Studies

  • Discuss Researched News Article
  • Create List of Potential Problems and Solutions surrounding Identity and Culture


  • Brain Notes – Left and Right Hemisphere
  • Brain Hat
  • 3d Model of the Brain

Assignment: Handout 6-5 SP-1 (1-23) odd.

In class: Notes on solving Polynomial Equations.