3rd Grade

Tuesday: W-day(Water)… we will be exploring water and the water cycle. DELTA only: All of the 4th grade students will be visiting the middle school in the morning.

Wednesday: X- day (eXercise)… we will be doing a few exercises in the class. The students will also have assembly today where Capt. Fraley will be recognizing some outstanding students. This event is NOT open for the parents. DELTA ONLY: we will have our Delta Luau after recess to help celebrate Delta moving on to 5th grade!

Thursday: Y-day (Yuck Junk Day)… We will be cleaning all of the junk out of our lockers! FIELD DAY: if it rains, we will have some activities in the gym and classrooms, otherwise we will be outdoors from 10:30 to 2:00. Please wear sunscreen!

Friday LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!: 1/2 Day Z-day (zoom out the door!) Early dismissal at 12:30. I will also be holding an Awards celebration in my classroom and parents are invited! Please arrive at 10:30. Check in with Mrs. Tiffany and come down to our room. Kids may leave with parents when finished. Parents can also stay and eat lunch with kids. Report cards will also go home today!

Song games and dances for all grades this week. I will miss my Delta students as they go on to the Pre-Academy!!

Luau Parent letter

by Amy Wiles on May 14, 2019

Posted in: 3rd Grade,4th Grade

Dear Parents/Guardians,

               We will be having our annual luau for Delta students on Wednesday, May 22, 2019. We will have a lot of fun playing luau games from 1:00 – 2:20. This is a fun celebration for the students moving on to the next building! We will be supplying all of the games, but would appreciate any donations of the items listed below! If you would like to volunteer to decorate or help during the luau, that would be amazing! Please return this paper, if you are willing to help, by May 17th. Donations should be brought in by May 21st.

Thank you in advance for all of your help and all of your support this year!


The Delta Teachers

Please return the bottom return the bottom portion if you are willing to donate items or volunteer during the luau!

Donations Needed – Please mark how much you are willing to bring

______     Fresh Fruit (sliced or cut)

______    Fresh Vegetables (sliced or cut)

______    dip for vegetables and fruit

______    chips

______    cookies, brownies, or other desserts

______   bottled water (anything left will be used at field day)

______   salsa or guacamole

______   plates

______   silverware

______  napkins

______ I would like to volunteer for the luau.               

______ I would like to help decorate (You would have to be there around 11:30)              

______ I would like to help run the games (You would have to be there around 12:30)

Please write your contact information below so that we can let you know

Name: ______________________              Student’s name: _______________________

Phone number: ____________________Student’s teacher: _______________________

Email: ____________________________

We’re winding down with Perfect Attendance parties from our Charlie/Delta program, watching the program and some musical excerpts, and singing folk song/games. Kindergarten will be singing this Friday at 1pm in the gym!

Rough draft due: Tuesday, May 14

Final copy will be due on Friday, May 17. 

The copy that is due on Tuesday will be a rough draft version.  The students will be given a hardback book to transfer the project in for a final copy to keep.  The students may hand write the project or type it out.  The final copy in the hardback book will be hand written and must include pictures or drawings.

Choice 1:

Write a story that contains 60 of the 200 vocabulary words we studied this year.  I am also looking for the correct usage of 20 different prepositions.

  1. You may write one story with all of the words, or split them up into two different stories.
  2. Underline or highlight all of the vocabulary words and the 20 different prepositions
  3. The story must make sense and flow together.
  4. Make sure your story has characters, setting, conflict or problem, and a solution.
  5. Be prepared to include some graphics in your final project.

Choice 2:

Make a dictionary with all 200 words.

  1. Include all 200 words
  2. Must be in alphabetical order
  3. Each word needs a definition
  4. Put the word in a sentence of your own and underline the vocabulary word
  5. Include a picture or two for each page of the dictionary.

(The rough draft does not have to contain the definitions, as long as they have the sheet that includes all of the definitions.  They will be able to copy the definitions from those pages onto their final copy in the hardback book that I provide them.  In other words, the rough draft needs the words in alphabetical order and each word used in an original sentence)

Charlie and Delta students are taking it easy after their concert! We’re watching a movie about Rossini.

Kindergarten is finishing up Mary Poppins and preparing for their celebration on the 17th.

Alpha and Bravo are finishing up Mary Poppins and learning a few more folk songs.

FINALLY! On Tuesday at assembly, we (the whole school) were finally able to reveal our butterfly project to Captain Fraley! We chose butterflies to represent the butterfly affect. Its said that a single butterfly can cause a tsunami on the other side of the world with just the flap of it’s wings! With Captain Fraley’s influence this year; hes inspired kindness DAILY! He has created a storm within all of us to be kind, and always make better choices and we wanted to thank him for that. We hope that he always remembers his first year as principal and all the good he has done.

We have finished the bunnies! Drawing, mixing colors, and then creating a background for our painting. They will be up in hallways for the next couple of weeks. We are super proud of these!

3rd and 4th grade also had an awesome art show this week at their program on Thursday. It turned out beautifully and all cadets should be super proud of all their hard work!

The bunny paintings have begun! The kids have been taught how to make the color brown out of only primary colors. No brown is exactly the same and these bunnies are SOOO CUTE!

4th grade has continued to word on their word art assignment. The process of coming up with positive words to describe ourselves was more challenging for some, but I am so proud of the growth that has happened during this assignment! It has been super cool to watch!