5th Grade

All 9th-12th band students (advanced concert band and jazz and select 8th grade) are a part of the APA Marching Band.

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This week! 9/9-9/13

by Mallory McCullough on September 10, 2019

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Weekly Update:

*Important things to remember:

  • NWEA this week – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Prosthetic Leg projects are due on September 17th! Next Tuesday!! Their packet and prototype of the leg are all due on that day.
  • Grading period ends on September 20th! If students have all As and Bs and are currently sitting at a 5.18 in Math and ELA compass then they will be allowed to wear jeans on Fridays!
  • Homecoming is coming up! We will be celebrating it the last week of September. The theme they chose this year was Area 51. We will be participating in a door decorating contest.

Monday – We will have our spelling pretest and start our story this week. Our story this week is The Sparks Fly. We are headed into a new unit of science for the next 5 stories. The Sparks Fly talks about Ben Franklin and his love for science and electricity! We will be working on our compass goals and our spelling packet.

Tuesday – Students will be working on their Compass Goals and we will start our Writer’s Workshop back up today. We will work on creating a rubric together. We will start with a rubric for clean desks and then go into creating a rubric for our writing. Students will be working with representing decimals today in math. They will also receive their California packets today and work on them at the end of the day.

Wednesday – Compass goals, Writers Workshop – Working with aligning a strong position when writing. We will also be checking our progress with Math on comparing and ordering decimals. Students will work on their stop folders which consists of their study guides, spelling packets, vocabulary words and their California state packet . Students will also take their NWEA test today for Math

Thursday – Students will be working on their compass goals, answering what and why in our writer’s workshop. We will be working on place value through the thousandths in Math and they will take their ELA NWEA test. Students will also be given time to work on their compass goals and their STOP folders.

Friday – We will have our spelling test, and our reading test over the Sparks fly. Students will also work on comparing decimals and incorporating citations in their writing during our writer’s workshop. Students will finish up their NWEA with their Reading test today and they will turn in ALL items in their stop folder. We will have time to work on their compass goals.

Compass Goals for this six weeks = Math 5.18 and ELA 5.18 – Students can find their progress on their gradebook on the compass login or I update them into skyward grades once a week.

NWEA – This is a formal assessment that we use in order to mark their progress. They will take it in September and then again in May to see their growth!

I have attached the spelling list and the study guide this week!

Week of 9/9

by Josh Fathauer on September 9, 2019

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In addition to doing LA compass and math compass this week, as a class we will be reading lesson 5 in our story book over “In two worlds” and doing a study guide for the test Friday. We will be doing a science and social studies worksheet packet as well. Reminder that students should be reading for 30 minutes every night and writing a paragraph summary with parent initials.

Hello 5th Grade APA Band Families, 


Hello 5th Grade APA Band Families, I am going to meet with individual sections of the 5th grade band to help work with like instruments sections. This is optional and free but a great way to get more individual attention. 

All sessions will be from 3:35-4pm

Monday, Sept. 9th-Clarinets

Tuesday, Sept. 10th-Flutes

Wednesday, Sept. 11th-Saxophones

Thursday, Sept. 12th-Trumpets, French horns, Trombones, and Baritones 

Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of these sessions. Students are responsible for being picked up at 4pm afterward.

Check out the APA Band Weekly Newsletter at this link.

Here you’re find information on performances, assignments, and more!

October 2, 2019 | 6-8 pm | Pendleton Heights High School | Free admission

Write a solid paragraph describing the singing you heard.  What different voice types did you hear (men’s, women’s, children’s are fine.  You can use soprano, alto, tenor, bass, baritone if you know them)?  Did anyone’s voice stick out to you?  Was it particularly good?  Bad?  What made it so?  The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about singing you hear and to learn to be able to express your thoughts about what you hear in a written format.  Do not just tell me you did or did not like it, explain what you do or not like about it. 

This is worth 20 points and is due by the beginning of class on Friday, August 30. You may either email it to me (estrother@goapa.org) or turn in a physical copy.

Our first E-learning day is tomorrow 8/28! Students received their Prosthetic leg packets today and they also chose their clients. They will be building a prosthetic leg for their client and filling out the packet in correlation to what their client desires. The entire project is not due until 9/17 but on Monday 9/2 I will be making sure that at least 2-3 pages are complete in their packet and I will be making sure they are progressing on their legs. Let me know if you have any questions!

STOP FOLDERS: This week students will have their spelling activities, vocabulary definitions, their study guide with the story (Miss Ida’s porch), a cursive writing packet, and Arizona packet. It will all be due on Friday. We will be working on them each day during rotations.

Writer’s Workshop – We are continuing to cover the 6 traits of writing this week. I have paired each trait up with a song as well as a story! Students are really starting to get some good writing down in their notebooks. We have built a writing stamina up to about 10 minutes.

I have attached the study guide and the spelling list.

Students are continuing to finish up their Math and ELA assessments. I will be giving them goals to hit by 9/20 which is when our first grading period ends!