5th Grade

Next week we will start the Jet Pack Food Drive. This is a great opportunity for our cadets to help fellow cadets in need.

Assignments Due 1.10.2020

by Derek Kramer on January 7, 2020

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Assignments on GCF and Simplifying Fractions


Spelling Packet Unit 2, Lesson 2


Big Idea 4, Week 1: Why do we weigh more on the Earth than the moon?


Tuck Everlasting assignments through Chapter 4

Lt. Kramer – Week of 1/6/2020

by Derek Kramer on January 6, 2020

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Important information that I gave the kids today in class:
1) No more reading logs as homework. While I still strongly recommend that your child read something for 20 minutes each night, it will no longer be an assignment for class.

2) Change to the late assignment policy. In the first semester, I accepted assignments up until the end of the grading period. That has been too much in the last two terms with students trying to get everything turned in at the last minute. From now on, anything that was due at the end of the week must be turned in by the following Monday at the latest or it will go down as a 0 and remain that way. So if they haven’t completed something on a Friday when it is due, they can take it home and complete it over the weekend and still get full credit if it is turned in on Monday but I will not accept anything turned in later than that. Students are welcome to take any assignments home at any point during the week as well to make sure they get it done.

With no reading logs, their only “homework” is making sure their classwork is finished on time and studying for spelling and vocabulary tests.

The concert is Friday, December 13 at 6:30.  Doors open at 6:00 and students need to be here at 5:30.  Students are welcome to stay after school Friday to help set up and decorate for community service time.  Performers need to wear black pants/skirts and white tops.  If wearing a dress, it can be all white or all black.  Students are also permitted to wear red/green scarves, ties, etc.

This is a required performance and students will be given a grade for participating.  If there is a reason your student cannot attend, I need written notification by Thursday so I can make arrangements for an alternative assignment for her/him.

Questions:  feel free to contact me at estrother@goapa.org or 765-649-8472 x3114.

Winter Band Concert Reminder Thursday, Dec. 12th in the Main Gym

Pre-Academy Band Concert Performance-6pm

Arrival-5:30pm Dress-Daily school uniform

Academy Band Concert Performance-7:30pm


Dress-Boys (dress pants, dress shirt, tie)

Girls (nice dress or dress pants and a dress shirt) Students should be bringing a letter home with details of the concert.


As you know, our Christmas Concert is coming up on Friday, December 13. The concert start time is 6:30 PM (doors open to the public at 6:00), but I am asking all choir members to please arrive no later than 5:30 so that we can warm up and run through our full choir numbers a couple of times. Attire for the concert for Pre-Academy choirs and Vocal Point is black on bottom, white on top. If students wish to wear a solid-color black or white dress, that is fine. Students may wear black dress pants/Dockers, skirts, leggings, or non-faded black jeans (without rips or holes). If the students wish to wear red/green accents (scarves, ties, vests, etc.) that is fine as well.

Any questions should be directed to Dr. Strother (estrother@goapa.org). Remember, if there is a reason your student will be unable to participate in the performance, you need to contact Dr. Strother by Friday, December 6 so that your student can receive an alternate assignment.

Students need to take home their pastries to customers immediately or put them in their home freezers.