6th Grade

All 9th-12th band students (advanced concert band and jazz and select 8th grade) are a part of the APA Marching Band.

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6th Grade: Today you were given time to finish the color wheel spinner. Once finished, you were asked to continue working on the zentangle from the beginning of the year. These will be due Friday, 9/13. Please turn your zentangle in to me when you are done.

This week we will begin working on observational drawing, focusing on contours and the work of pop artist Jim Dine.

7th & 8th Grade: Today we worked on our Peter Max inspired paintings. As you get these finished, please keep them in your cabinet until I am ready to collect them. I will collect the Peter Max Project on Wednesday, 9/11. When you finish your Peter Max painting, please finish your zentangle from the beginning of the year. These will be due Friday, 9/13. Please turn the zentangle in to me when you are done.

This week, 7th grade will be working collaboratively to create large-scale op art and 8th grade will begin learning about the ancient art of micrography.

ALL CLASSES: Sketchbook 1.6 “Cabin” is due Friday, 9/13. This week’s vocab term is medium / media. I will have the vocab definition posted on Wednesday during class.

Summarize the life of Glenn Curtiss

Go to the link below and type a 75 word essay of Glenn Curtiss. You have the period to do this assignment and CANNOT cut and paste from the article. The assignment will be sent email to me.

Hello 5th Grade APA Band Families, 


Hello 5th Grade APA Band Families, I am going to meet with individual sections of the 5th grade band to help work with like instruments sections. This is optional and free but a great way to get more individual attention. 

All sessions will be from 3:35-4pm

Monday, Sept. 9th-Clarinets

Tuesday, Sept. 10th-Flutes

Wednesday, Sept. 11th-Saxophones

Thursday, Sept. 12th-Trumpets, French horns, Trombones, and Baritones 

Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of these sessions. Students are responsible for being picked up at 4pm afterward.

Check out the APA Band Weekly Newsletter at this link.

Here you’re find information on performances, assignments, and more!

Op art refers to art made to fool the eye. Below you will find several tutorials on how to create different types of op art. Using a pencil, marker, or colored pencils, create three examples of op art. Keep in mind complimentary color pairs will work best for op art (red/green, blue/orange, yellow/violet, black/white). To get full credit, you should have three finished drawings. I will come around to check them tomorrow, so be sure you take your time and do your best. Also, this is a reminder that sketchbook 1.5 “criminal” or “fire” is due tomorrow.

6th Grade Health…Captain Dietrich

by Deb Dietrich on September 3, 2019

Posted in: 6th Grade

Today we read the first lesson in our unit on Taking Charge of Your Health. Students created a “foldable” to aid in understanding and remembering some of the vocabulary words associated with decision-making.

Tomorrow, we will continue our discussion and work on decision-making and those things that influence it.

Wednesday, there will be a quiz over lesson one. After finishing the quiz, we will begin reading about setting and reaching goals. We will continue this topic for the rest of the week.

October 2, 2019 | 6-8 pm | Pendleton Heights High School | Free admission