7th Grade

Friday May 24-Graduation Performance
Grades 7-12
Attire: Sunday’s best. Men in Suits and Ties: Dress Shoes, Dress Socks. Ladies in Dresses, Skirts/Blouses, Pant Suits. What you wore to the Gala or the Spring Concert is fine.
Location: Reardon Auditorium at Anderson University: 1100 E 5th St, Anderson, IN 46012
Drop off Time: 5:30pm
Drop off Location: Drive around the front of the auditorium all the way to the opposite side of the entrance and drop them off at the back/side stage door.
Pick Up: 7:10pm
Pick up Location: Same as drop off. Back/Side stage door.
Make sure you take your instrument and music home after school Friday. We will meet at Reardon Auditorium. We are not meeting at school before the performance.
Music you need: Pomp and Circumstance, Destiny Fanfare, Angels Amongst Us, Activity March, National Anthem.
Thank you for a great school year! I am very proud of the student’s accomplishments and progress! On the back of this paper is next year’s performance schedule.
Aaron King

APA Bands Schedule 2019-2020
Tuesday July 23, 2019-APA Summer Band 11am-2pm
Wednesday July 24, 2019-APA Summer Band 11am-2pm
Friday August 23, 2019-APA Football Game-6pm
Saturday September 7, 2019-APA Football Game 6pm
Friday September 27, 2019-APA Football Game 6pm-Homecoming
Friday October 4-APA, 2019-Football Game 6pm
Friday October 11, 2019-Football Game 6pm-Senior Night
Thursday November 7, 2019-Girls Bball first home game-6pm arrival
Tuesday November 12, 2019-Girls Bball Game-6pm arrival
Tuesday December 3, 2019-Jazz Band Festival of Trees
Wednesday December 11-APA Boys Basketball first home game-6pm arrival
Thursday December 12, 2019-APA Yuletide Band Concert
Tuesday January 14, 2020-Boys Bball 6pm arrival
Thursday January 16, 2020-Girls Bball 6pm arrival
Friday January 31, 2020-Boys Bball-6pm arrival
Saturday February 1, 2020-ISSMA Solo and Ensemble
Thursday February 6, 2020-Boys Bball-6pm arrival
Saturday February 15, 2020-Jazz Band at Pendleton Heights
Saturday February 22, 2020-Jazz Band at North Side
Friday February 28, 2020-APA Boys Bball Senior Night 6pm arrival
Saturday February 29, 2020-ISSMA State Solo and Ensemble
Saturday March 7, 2020-ISSMA Jazz Contest
Saturday March 14, 2020-Northrop Jazz Contest
Friday April 24, 2020-ISSMA Concert Band Contest
Tuesday May 5, 2020-Pre-Academy Spring Concert
Saturday May 16, 2020-Fine Arts Gala
Friday May 22, 2020-Last Day of School, Graduation

Adrian Mozo
Amon Robinson
Antoine Gentry-Wilkinson
Ashley Jeronimo-Padilla
Aubrey Smith
Ava Bundy
Barbara Nkwa
Bryce Negron
Caitlin Calfee
Conner Ring
David German
Dezarae Vanhoosear
Dylan Harris
Eduardo Martinez Padilla
Eli Dilts
Eliza Jessee
Emlyn Vo
Emma Oliver
Esme Garcia
Fabania Rodriguez
Haley Junkersfeld
Hunter Beatty
Imari Lee
Issac Vonholt
J’Vion Chatman
James Hornocker
Jason Settlemyer
Jayden Pullen
Jaylen Jones
Johanna Jones
Joseph Imel
Josh Rodriguez
Joshua Mozo
Josiah Mitchem
Juan Garcia
Julian Tyler
Kasandra Rea Padilla
Kaydin Hutchison
Kevin Garcia Garcia
Kevin Hanshew
Kiana Carter
Klayton Hughes
Korbin Beatty
Lainee Williams
Landen Justice
Lily Coon
Lucas Jackson
Madisyn Shelton
Madlyn Balassone
Malaiah Hatfield
Mar’tavia Cullum
Myleigh Shelton
Nathan Johnson
Nicale Neal
Nicholas Flook
Nik Flook
Romily Perez
Sarah Henson
Sarai Rodriguez
Savanna Peterson
Semaj Embry
Serenity Evans
Skyler Gill
Tameah Eldridge
Taryn Justice
Uriah Petty
Valeria Martinez-Padilla
Vanessa McNeal
Victoria Cox
Wyatt Day
Xavier Nunn

Dear Parent,

            You are cordially invited to attend the APA Pre-Academy Awards ceremony.  Several Cadets will be recognized for their achievements during the ceremony.  The Ceremony will begin promptly at 1:30 p.m. in the gym on May 22, 2019. You may park in the school parking lot closest to Payless Grocery and enter through the event entrance. We look forward to seeing you at this time.

by Donald Quarles on May 13, 2019

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7th Grade

Mon   5/13     Neptune Quiz

Tue   5/14       Compass

Wed   5/15     Review for final, compass

Thur    5/16     Compass

Fri    5/17     Review for final, make up work, compass

8th Grade

Mon   5/13     Review for final (Integumentary system), compass

Tue     5/14     Compass

Wed    5/15     Review for final (Skeletal system), compass

Thur   5/16     Compass

Fri      5/17      Review for final (Circulatory system), compass


by Donald Quarles on May 13, 2019

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7th Grade

Mon 5/13   Neptune Quiz

Tue 5/14     Compass

Wed  5/15   Review for Final

Thur   5/16   Compass

Fri     5/17     Review for final,  make up work, compass

8th Grade

Mon 5/13   Review for final  (Integumentary system), compass

Tue   5/14    Compass

Wed   5/15   Review for final (Skeletal system), compass

Thur   5/16   Compass

Fri      5/17   Review for final (Circulatory system), compass


I sent this information out some weeks ago and posted it on the blog but I know that several of you have had challenges with the blog recently. So, I’ve attached it again. 

The kids are sounding great today.  You will be very impressed with all of the choirs.  Don’t be late!

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!


Have a great day!

Brian Long

Tuesday May 7, 2019
Pre-Academy Spring Band and Choir Concert
6:00pm-Band Members Arrive
7:00pm-Concert Starts: The bands go first then the choirs. Band members and families are welcome to leave after the band portion.
Please sit with your child when they are not performing.
Our portion of the concert should be over by 7:30pm.
Attire: Young men-Suits and Ties, Dress Shoes, Dress Socks. No gym shoes.
Young Ladies: Pant Suits, Dresses, Skirts and Blouses. No neon colors. Dresses must have straps. Skirts or Dresses to the knee. Please be humble in your selections. Dress shoes or Sandals. No gym shoes.
This concert is graded and mandatory. This is graded as a 400 point final exam. There are no make ups and no excused absences.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication this year!
Aaron King


by Donald Quarles on April 30, 2019

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Name: _______________________________ Flight: _________ E- Learning Questions Science, Math, and English Video Review Social Studies 7th Grade Video Alexander the Great Lord of War 7th grade Science 1. Q: Who were Alexander’s descendants believed to have been? 2. Q: What was India’s normal state of affairs? 3. Q: What did Alexander’s horse archers wear for protection? 4. Q: What weapon was once a butcher’s tool now being used for combat? 5. Q: What was the Indian bow made of? 6. Q: The Indian bow was known to penetrate what? 7. Q: What made the Alexanders archers ineffective when it was time for battle? 7th Grade Math 1) In the beginning it was stated how many Greek soldiers there were and they were outnumber 2 to 1. With this information, how many soldiers did their enemies have? 2) What is the ratio of Alexander’s cavalry to the Indian Army? 3) The video stated that Alexander had a cavalry of 4,000. Based upon the ration of your answer to #2, how many did the Indian army have? 7th Grade English Summarize the events of Alexander’s conquest of India, from beginning to end. (Minimum of 3 paragraphs)