8th Grade

Personal Item Collection & Locker Clean-Out

Dates:       Wednesday, May 27th; Thursday, May 28th; Friday, May 29th Times: 2p-6p


Wednesday, May 27th 2p-6p

Sturgeon Homeroom (10 Alpha)Austin Homeroom (6 Charlie)
Tidwell Homeroom (9 Charlie)Dean Homeroom (8 Bravo)
South Homeroom (11 Alpha)Pennycuff Homeroom (7 Alpha)
Smith Homeroom (9 Bravo)McCullough Homeroom

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Thursday, May 28th 2p-6p

Renner Homeroom (10 Charlie)Simpson Homeroom (6 Bravo)
Applegate Homeroom (10 Bravo)Scott Homeroom (8 Charlie)
Rue Homeroom (11 Charlie)Fathauer Homeroom (5 Bravo)
Isaacs Homeroom (9 Alpha)Hayden Homeroom (7 Charlie) (7 Bravo)

Friday, May 29th 2p-6p

Sturgeon Homeroom (10 Alpha)Kramer Homeroom (5 Charlie)
Karr Homeroom (11 Bravo)Lucky Homeroom (6 Alpha)
Lindemeyer Homeroom (11 Delta)McBee Homeroom (8 Alpha)
Barker Homeroom (10 Bravo)McCullough (5 Alpha)


  • Entrance:
    •  Academy students will enter through the main student entrance closest to Meridian Street (Door #6)
      • Academy Students will be asked to sign-in
      • Student will move directly to their lockers to retrieve their personal items
      • If necessary, students can enter the gym locker room and/or band room to retrieve personal belongings
    •  Pre-Academy students will enter through the rear Pre-Academy entrance (nearest the big garage doors & small gym).
      • Students will be asked to sign-in upon entry
      • Students must report directly to their locker, or classroom, and promptly collect their items
  • Please help us maintain proper social distancing.
  • Only 10 students to be admitted in the building at a time.

The goal of this activity is to get our students putting shots and working on their basketball skill set.

I put this out to our High School Players a couple weeks ago. Starting May 16- August 24. I challenge you to shoot at least 100 shots daily that would = 10,000 shots by August 24. Feel free to shoot more.

Each week email me cscott@goapa,org your daily/weekly log of shots. It is optional if you want to put makes or misses in your list.

Who is willing to accept this challenge?

The following Cadets completed the push-up challenge. Jason Settlemeyer was our winner. Thanks to all who participated.

  1. Jason Settlemeyer 8th grade
  2. Adrian Sanchez 5th grade
  3. Letarius Stevens 8th grade
  4. Peyton Taylor 7th grade
  5. Racine Dewalt 8th grade
  6. Leona Manis 8th grade
  7. Lilly Coon 6th grade
  8. Summer Mckee 6th grade

Well, we made it gang!!! I want to thank you all for being strong and staying positive. Since this is our last assignment for the school year, I figured I would make it very easy for you. The assignment below is for both classes.

7th and 8th Grade assignment: In your own words I want you to write a 4-6 sentence paragraph about what you enjoyed most about Social Studies this year. I would like to know what topic you most enjoyed and why.

Please make sure to submit them to me via email by 5pm on Friday 5/22/2020. Have a great summer and as always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive. Thank you all for a great year!!!

Today’s Assignmet: “Ketchup” Day
Use today to catch-up on any missing work. Please get all work to me (e-mail or Google Classroom) by 9:00PM Friday (5/22). Gradebooks close at midnight tomorrow.

Thank you all for your hard work during this difficult time. I truly cannot wait to get back to school, see everyone, and create art together. Have a safe summer, make good choices and I’ll see you soon!

Face-Off Friday: Face-Mask Fashion Winners:
6th Grade: Paige Crooks
7th Grade: Luciano Squillante
8th Grade: Racine Dewalt
High School: Evan Peterson

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s assignment: Discussion Question 6.6
Please find and share an art related article you think is interesting. Post your thoughts and the link to Google Classroom or e-mail me. (Example below)

Example: I have seen several articles covering “the Wave” recently, so I explored and found that a South Korean team used anamorphic perspective (a way of creating optical illusions based on where the viewer is standing) to create this incredible effect. Check it out at the link below:

Reminder – gradebooks close at midnight this Friday. Please get any missing work to me no later than 9PM Friday so I have time to grade them.

Have a day!

Happy Tuesday! It’s our last week of school — be sure to finish strong guys!

You may turn in any late/missing work until Friday (5/22). Gradebooks will close down at midnight Friday.

Today’s assignment: Sketchbook 6.6: VOYAGE
No vocab today, just create a sketch using the theme of “Voyage.” 🙂

Hello gang!!! Well, this is our last week of school and I am very proud of those of you who have stuck through this pandemic without wavering or letting it get you down. I applaud your hard work and commend you on your strength to push forward.

This week we are continuing to do our ZOOM classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. 7th grade will be at 1pm and 8th grade will be at 1:30pm on both days. Thursday I will post my written assignment on my blog and they will be due to me via email no later than 5pm on Friday.

Since this is the last week, you will need to submit all missing assignments to me before Monday 5/25/2020, due to the fact that I will have to finalize all grades in skyward.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in my classes this week and for those of you that will be moving forward into the high school, I will miss you and always remember that we are always here to help you if you need it. Thank you all for a historical year.

As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay positive!!!!

Objective: Students went on Skyward and checked their band grade.

Directions:  Go on Skyward and check your band grade.  Use this time to make up any missed work for Term 6.  Email Mr. Drabyn with any questions you may have.  He will be at this computer most of the day to answer questions and update grades.

Objective: Review all the concepts that have been discussed during the T6 Band E Learning time.

Directions: Email or send through Google Classroom one concept you learned or remember for the band E Learning Assignments.