9th Grade


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  • Short Review
  • Test – Demand

Indiana History

  • Start Important Businesses Project
  • We will be analyzing the role of different businesses in our world

Ethnic Studies

  • Start creating dance routines.
  • Evolution of Dance Project


  • Demonstrate operant conditioning experiments
  • Role of Punishment
  • What is effective?
  • Survey Creation

ALL CLASSES: Sketchbook 2.3 – the theme is HISTORY and the vocab is BALANCE – how an artist arranges the elements so that no one part overpowers, or seems heavier than, another part.

6th Grade – this week we are answering the question “What if Picasso Painted Superheros?” The cubist-style heroes and villains are coming looking pretty cool. We will continue working on this project in class the remainder of the week.

7th Grade – this week we have been practicing how to draw using linear perspective to demonstrate space. We’ve been working on two-point perspective and will begin working on a project in class tomorrow.

8th Grade – this week we have learned about Surrealism. You’ve been tasked with combining a surreal landscape with a realistically drawn human hand. We will continue working on this project for the remainder of the week.

Intro/Adv 2D Art – this week we are working on creating Britto-style paintings that demonstrate an understanding of human facial proportions. This project is due Friday 10/11 before you leave class.

Intro/Adv 3D Art – this week we are working in groups to create tape cast sculptures inspired by the work of street artist Mark Jenkins. The class decided to choose one of three themes for their work: animals, fear, or space.

Visual Communications – this week please complete the reverse silhouette assignment, and use Photoshop to complete your sketchbook.

This week cadets are discussing grams to moles calculations. The second AQ quiz in How Many How Much is due Friday October 11th, 2019.

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  • Demand Review and Practice
  • Go over questions from yesterday

Indiana History

  • Big Business – Why is it important?
  • Industry to Business
  • 3 Most Influential Businesses Today

Ethnic Studies

  • Start creating dance routines
  • Research dance moves and music


  • Start Presenting Experiments
  • Review Learning Schedules
  • Classical and Operant Scenes

This week cadets will be discussing comets with the intent of having a quiz over them on Friday October 11th, 2019. The plan is to do a lab activity over comets either Wednesday or Thursday.


  • Demand Notes
  • Shifting Demand Curve
  • Demand Pracitce

Indiana History

  • Turn in missing assignments
  • Present Industrial Revolution Inventions
  • Impact of Industrial Revolution

Ethnic Studies

  • Finish food presentations
  • Review Cultural Dances
  • Evolution of Dance Videos


  • Working to create a Operational Conditioning Experiment
  • Shaping & Punishment Notes
  • Review Learning Schedules Assignment

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Week of October 7 -14, 2019

Monday, October 7, 2019

AS 100 Textbook page 42 Quick Write and Vocabulary Words

AS 400 Textbook page 9 Vocabulary Words

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Team Building

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Shoe Shine (Bring your AFJROTC Shoes)

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Grooming Standards Inspection

Friday, October 11, 2019


  • Supply and Demand Notes
  • Go over factors that shift demand
  • Demand T-Shirt Activity

Indiana History

  • Present Sales Pitch
  • Students will pith their Industrial Revolution Invention
  • Why was this type of thinking helping the country?

Ethnic Studies

  • Start Different Culture Food Presentation
  • Discuss Cultural Norms – Norms outside this country
  • How does this apply to social interactions in the United States


  • Water Bottle Experiment
  • Operational Conditioning – Types of Learning Schedules