9th Grade

Notes from today.

Here is the rubric for the upcoming project. Be sure to read ALL of the rubric. Your questions may be asked in class on Friday.

Here is what we will be working on tomorrow.


Indiana History

  • Two Party System – Pros and Cons
  • What does each party stand for?

Ethnic Studies

  • Create Paper Assignment
  • Identity and Culture – What issues exist? Where/how did it start? How do we address it? Lasting Impacts?


Assignment: Handout Unit 1 Vocabulary (1-15) all.

In class: Take Unit 1 Test (1-20) all.


  • Finish Shark Tank Presentations
  • Types of Businesses – Franchise Examples

Indiana History

  • Two Party System
  • Pros and Cons
  • What does each side stand for?

Ethnic Studies

  • Discuss Researched News Article
  • Create List of Potential Problems and Solutions surrounding Identity and Culture


  • Brain Notes – Left and Right Hemisphere
  • Brain Hat
  • 3d Model of the Brain

Assignment: Handout Unit 1 Review (1-25) all. Study for test!

In class: Quiz Unit 1 Test 1 (1-15) all.

This week we are taking a looking at Planet Earth.

Helpful links below

Earths Rotation – https://flexbooks.ck12.org/cbook/ck-12-middle-school-earth-science-flexbook-2.0/section/3.4/primary/lesson/rotation-of-earth-ms-es

Earths Revolution – https://flexbooks.ck12.org/cbook/ck-12-middle-school-earth-science-flexbook-2.0/section/3.5/primary/lesson/revolutions-of-earth-ms-es

Seasons – https://flexbooks.ck12.org/cbook/ck-12-middle-school-earth-science-flexbook-2.0/section/3.7/primary/lesson/seasons-ms-es

All AFJROTC Classes are assigned the following E-Learning Assignment; this assignment is due No Later Than Friday, August 30, 2019.

In two or more paragraphs, using complete sentences, write what the Air Force Core Values and the Cadet Creed means to you.

Your answers may be typed or hand written.

This week we are finishing the lesson with sig figs and scientific notation. With another quiz over this material on Wednesday August 21st, 2019.

Lt. Karr

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  • Present Shark Tank Projects
  • Review Types of Businesses (Which is better)?

Indiana History

  • Two – Party Political System
  • Pros and Cons

Ethnic Studies

  • Combing Identity and Culture
  • What Problems are Created? Provide Examples


  • Brain Notes

Assignment; Handout Order of Operations (1-12) all.

In class: Quiz Order of Operations (1-5) all.