Song games and dances for all grades this week. I will miss my Delta students as they go on to the Pre-Academy!!

We’re winding down with Perfect Attendance parties from our Charlie/Delta program, watching the program and some musical excerpts, and singing folk song/games. Kindergarten will be singing this Friday at 1pm in the gym!

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by Jessica Meeker on May 13, 2019

Posted in: Kindergarten

On the bus and ready to go!
Shark time!
Dolphin time. We learned about dolphins last week. Did you know they are mammals?

Charlie and Delta students are taking it easy after their concert! We’re watching a movie about Rossini.

Kindergarten is finishing up Mary Poppins and preparing for their celebration on the 17th.

Alpha and Bravo are finishing up Mary Poppins and learning a few more folk songs.

FINALLY! On Tuesday at assembly, we (the whole school) were finally able to reveal our butterfly project to Captain Fraley! We chose butterflies to represent the butterfly affect. Its said that a single butterfly can cause a tsunami on the other side of the world with just the flap of it’s wings! With Captain Fraley’s influence this year; hes inspired kindness DAILY! He has created a storm within all of us to be kind, and always make better choices and we wanted to thank him for that. We hope that he always remembers his first year as principal and all the good he has done.

We have finished the bunnies! Drawing, mixing colors, and then creating a background for our painting. They will be up in hallways for the next couple of weeks. We are super proud of these!

3rd and 4th grade also had an awesome art show this week at their program on Thursday. It turned out beautifully and all cadets should be super proud of all their hard work!

The bunny paintings have begun! The kids have been taught how to make the color brown out of only primary colors. No brown is exactly the same and these bunnies are SOOO CUTE!

4th grade has continued to word on their word art assignment. The process of coming up with positive words to describe ourselves was more challenging for some, but I am so proud of the growth that has happened during this assignment! It has been super cool to watch!

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade started their spring bunnies. We used black crayon to draw the bunnies, and to add texture. We plan do do a wax relief watercolor painting with these grades.

The older grades have started to finish their multimedia portraits and we have also completed piecing together our circle installation for the art show.